Will people of Faith stand up to defend that Faith? - Granite Grok

Will people of Faith stand up to defend that Faith?

The beginning of this extremely well done video lays out the call to Catholics to help protect their faith and their values:

In generations past, the Church has always been able to count on the faithful to stand up and protect her sacred rights and duties. This generation of Catholics must do the same.

Now I am an evangelical Protestant, not Catholic, so there are theological points on which we will never agree upon.  That said, I believe that there is a message here for Bible believing Christians who take their faith seriously and personally (i.e., not a “back row Baptist” or a “country club Christian”) as well as to Catholics.  I do believe that Obama, as with many Progressives, see a personal faith as being a hindrance to implementing Bigger Government -they realize that in order to have fealty to government, there must be no nothing “above” Government.

Thus, they view someone who holds allegiance to a Supreme Being, God Himself, as an enemy of the State that must be put into a box (at best) or ridiculed / threaten them to silence them (i.e., as many militant gays view people of faith as religious bigots (and call them that as well) – as impediment to achieving acceptance of their lifestyle).

This is a political battle for religious liberty as I point out here for a quick example.  I realize that there are many Evangelicals that have an extreme distaste for politics as they truly believe themselves, through their belief in Christ as their personal Savior, “not of this world”.  Their view is that they are merely here for a little time, so why take their eye off their focus (their walk with Christ).  Me?  God has granted me the time to be here, at this time, in this place, to argue for and defend those Rights that He has given me by dint of having me be an American and able to express my faith in a political fashion.  No, I do not pray for a Christan theocracy as many on the Left believe many Christians want.  Rather, I do not want men to take away the inalienable Rights that He, the Creator, gave to us.

For you see, I believe that the Left (Progressives, Liberals, Socialists, and the rest) truly believe that they can create a Heaven On Earth if only the right people were in charge and the rest of us would give into them.  We who believe in Heaven believe that there can never be a Heaven on Earth by definition.  Yet, in order to create that Heaven on Earth, their Utopia, there is no other way to achieve that except by depriving others of their Freedom.

And that is what this election is about.  Freedom or serfdom

(H/T: The Corner)