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ABC Cancels GCB – Too Much Competition from DCB?

ABC Canceled GCB.  (That’s the family Friendly Disney/ABS’c short-lived controversial program about so-called Christian women who do not behave according the The Word.)  Who among us is without sin?  ABC certainly cannot claim otherwise.

While I’m sure GCB could have played well enough in the coast cities and liberal ghettos, it must–after all–be a show based on how Democrats actually approach the faith (you write what you know, yes?) no one else seems to have cared for it.  And why would they?  We already have the ugly version of this progran running 24/7 in DC called Democrat “Christian” Bitches (DCB).  (I’m not being sexist here–most of the ‘bitches’ in the Democrat party are actually men, and most if not all the of the “Christian” Democrats are simply hypocrites.)


Every time Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi say something about being Catholic, real Christians throw up in their moths just a bit.

And the Democrats can’t even be who they want everyone else to think they are on much else either.  They claim to be for things but in reality they are just a corrupt reality show sponsored by the SEIU, AFSCME, and AFL-CIO (Big unions),  Goldman-Sachs (Big Banks), Liberal Millionaires (The Rich ),  The Hollywood Elite (The Immoral Rich), the Abortion Lobby (Big Death), and the Air and Sun Gods (Big Green Energy), Oh, and Big debt (Obama’s “economic stimulus”), to name a few.   The interest the Democrat party has in Christianity is to pander it for votes while they support Christian-less social justice sects like the Universalists;  that’s church without any of that annoying religious morality junk.  The rest of the time they treat real Christian’s like crap.

So GCB was doomed.  I just can’t help picturing the hypocrites at ABC originally green-lighting the program like middle school boys snickering at each other as if they’d just put gum on someones chair and they were just waiting for them to sit on it.