Never A Surprise - Granite Grok

Never A Surprise

 “In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.” —Mark Twain

Londonderry School District Superintendent Nate Greenberg lobbied against HB 1607, “AN ACT establishing an education tax credit.” Not surprising at all…In fact, this is expected.

Long ago, educrats stopped caring about the delivery of a qualitative, substantive education for the communities children over their now-obvious priority of self-serving, fat-cat wielding power fiefdoms to preserve and continue the never-ending focus on how much the taxpayers can be bled to feed the whims of the edaucracy.

Having been a huge proponent of vouchers for parents, affording families an opportunity to seek a quality education for children, I have often pondered, “What would happen with the implementation of a voucher program?”  Based on Greenberg’s advocacy written about, by both Skip and Steve, it is not a stretch for us to see.

Parents and families would certainly benefit from a voucher program because education for those families would improve. On the other hand, What would stay the same in the schools is the money demanded. Educrats would certainly expect the taxpayers to make up the difference.  This would create a real fiscal crisis in some places because the spineless politicians making the decisions would easily be cowed by the educrats.

Any kind of voucher system, be it a tax credit for businesses that create scholarships, or alternate educational choices are always great…and desperately, needed. The other component to implementation is political courage and the ability to say no to the educrats and all their manipulative “oh, the poor children will suffer” rhetoric and diatribes. Make no mistake about it…they don’t give a lick about kids…not where their paycheck is concerned.