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Decisions – which will you choose?

Make no mistake – there is a political battle going on simply because it is a Presidential election year.  But also make no mistake – there is a philosophical battle going on for the soul of what this country can and should be; what should the Land of the Free have as its guiding principle?  This battle is between two diametrically opposed visions – the first is that now being pushed by the radical vision of Obama and his punishing posse of Progressives defined by the socialist collective ideal.  In this world, Government is the most important part of the country’s life and guides and defines (and ultimately demands)  how the rest of us will live our lives.  Here, they would devolve us back to a system where elites and technocrats, within the almost unlimited confines of the Administrative State, would carefully let us know what is good and bad, right and wrong.  All, we are assured, would live equitably with completely shared values – predetermined by the Politically Correct set.  Society well defined and ‘efficient’ – the messy chaos that would otherwise exist is, well, would be a thing of the past.

The alternative is what this Republic was founded upon – radical vision that all men are created equal with Rights given by their Creator where each person is free to make of themselves what they will, all the gift of both the genius and sacrifices of our Founders.  The new notion that we get to decide how we are to be governed by our consent by a Government that is (supposed to be) responsive to us (instead of the other way around).  Further, that Government is bound by a limiting document that explicitly lays out what it can and cannot do, what each part of that government should and shouldn’t do, and all for our benefit (instead of for the benefit of Government).

Hmmm, this is not how I thought this post was gonna go; well, words happen.  What got me started was the that phrase that is now the title (from Hot Air and ended up as the title of my previous post: You’re On Your Own vs We Refuse to Leave You Alone) as well as a memory that got kicked off as I read it.

Certainly, Obama is continuing to act like the Community Organizer he is – and organizers like him are only successful when they demonize others.  They are only successful when they deconstruct America into identity groups and pitch them against one another: corporate jets, Las Vegas tourists, TEA Party “extremists”, corporations,  millionaires, billionaires, Rush Limbaugh and his listeners, the Koch brothers, Grover Nordquist, Republicans in Congress (and in general), Christians (Catholics, evangelicals), Israel, bankers, Wall Street, Fox News, and “bitter clingers  of their guns and Bibles” (amongst others).

And now, he is taking on anyone that believes in the economic system.  Really, it must scare him so “You’re on your own“!  And he says it with a negative, sarcastic tone; “Social Darwinism” – makes it sound like its a bad thing!  Well, for him, it seems like he has never made it on his own, on his own merit.  When you look at his history, there is always someone there to clear the way to the next level.  And he never exhibited any success on his own (an admitted failure as a community organizer in Chicago led him to Hahvad).  It is not racist to say “what did he do as the Harvard Law Review editor?  Community organizer?  What did he accomplish by voting “Present” as a State Senator and he did little of consequence as a US Senator.  What has he done on his own – he even had to have ghost writers for both of his memoirs!

Of course, he would be scared to do something on his own – he’d have to admit that he can’t.  And being on his own would be the worst for him – a lack of Power of others which he craves so much.  “We Refuse to Leave You Alone” – he can’t “Fundamentally Transform America” if he would simply allow others to choose for themselves.

1. Citizens and their government.  Freedom and the ability to rise.  Choices are boundless – including that to fail.

2. Government and its wards. Security and equality. Choices pre-made, life is easy, all at the same level, and nary a bad consequence to be endured.  Everyone is just like everyone else.

Which vision will you choose?   #2 – Haven’t we heard of this kind of utopia before?  Sounds nice, sounds “fair”, but we all know how this white gauzy cocoon ends – think back before our Revolution how Governments were structured.  Yet, this is what Obama wants and increasingly is acting like he is King Obama.

November – a time to choose.  We said it in 2008, almost sure what we were getting.  Four years later, we now know what we got.  Knowing that, I know what will happen in the next four if Obama is re-elected.

And no, it will no longer be Reagan’s vision of the Shining City on the hill, the last best bastion of Freedom for the world.  And we will be able to thank Obama’s Determined Weakness for U.S. for it.

The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen.