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GSA, Clowns, Mindreaders and Sushi

 “I used to look down on the world for being corrupt, but now I adore it for the utter magnificence of that corruption.”  —Richard J. Needham

You cannot make this stuff up. The U.S. Office of Inspector General Released a  16-page report detailing the gross abuse and excesses in the use of taxpayer monies of the Obama Administration GSA Officials. Nothing says Hackarama like an expensive opulent junket like this. The report was released yesterday by the OIG.

In October of 2010, The U.S. Government Services Administration spent over $835,000 on a four-day “training” conference for 300 GSA employees…held at a luxury hotel outside Las Vegas.

Among the items listed, here is just  few for this GSA worker “training conference:”

  • $75,000 for a “training exercise” where GSA workers assembled bicycles to be donated to the Boys’ and Girls’ Club;
  • $3,200 for a “mind reader as entertainment.”
  • $6,300 for commemorative coin sets to be given as mementos to conference attendees.
  •  $5,600 on three in-room catered parties.
  • $44 per person daily for breakfasts.
  • $30,207.60 (roughly $95 per person)  expense for the final closing reception dinner
  • $58,808 for audio visual services.

The “networking reception” at the beginning of the conference  has these lavish treats:

  • $1,900 for 400 pieces of “Petit Beef Wellington.”
  • $2,000 for 400 “Mini Monte Cristo Sandwiches.”
  • $7,000 for 1,000 sushi rolls.
  • $2,850 for an “American Artisanal Cheese Display.”
  • $3,600 for 225 units of a “Pasta Reception Station.”

And if it  were deemed inadequate for these government hacks and their invitees to nosh on the splendor provided, several semi-private “parties,” hosted by GSA officials  in their own hotel  suites, were also catered at the expense of the American taxpayer. I want to know what was paid for the Clown and the comedian that were hired for this junket?

GSA spent $1,840 for vests for the 19 “regional ambassadors” and other employees, and $393.90 for the rental of tuxedos worn by three employees who acted as masters of ceremonies at the awards dinner.

The chief of the General Services Administration, Martha Johnson has tendered her resignation and two of her top deputies have been fired in the wake of the OIG reports of excessive spending at this training conference…held in a luxury hotel.

Wow, big deal. Nothing to see here folks. But lets take this OIG report and juxtaposed it against a backdrop of the Nations’ economic and employment conditions. I would entertain any argument one might make that our Government is not corrupt, out of touch, elitist and does not care about the people it is supposed to serve. And that would be all it is: entertainment…pure bread and circus. Obama deserves to be thrown out of office, even if Mittens is to be elected.