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Project Veritas Video: What Manchester And Nashua Officials Say

“There is no voter fraud problem in New Hampshire. We already have strong elections laws that are effective in regulating our elections.” —Governor John H. Lynch, in his July 2011 veto address of HB129

The New Hampshire Union Leader Front Page feature today: Video alleges voter fraud in NH. Granite Grok’s Skip Murphy yesterday aptly pointed out Governor Lynch’s position where he stated back in July,

There is no voter fraud problem in New Hampshire. We already have strong elections laws that are effective in regulating our elections.

That has been the key Democratic talking point right down the line. From our own Attorney General to Ray Buckley, “Shrill” Kathy Sullivan, and a gaggle of RINO’s in the legislature. Opponents continued to push back against Voter ID claiming whole groups of people would be denied access to the polls under this bill. In vetoing HB 129 bill last Summer, Skip also pointed out in the governor’s veto message:

The right to vote is a fundamental right that is guaranteed to all citizens of this State under the United States and New Hampshire Constitutions. An eligible voter who goes to the polls to vote on Election Day should be able to have his or her vote count on Election Day. SB 129 creates a real risk that New Hampshire voters will be denied their right to vote.

Nobody. Not the Attorney General, The Governor, The House and Senate Liberals, nor Democratic party hacks ever addressed likelihoods of voter fraud…just rank denials.

Look at what they are saying today…

“They should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. When I was in the Senate, I always heard, ‘This never happens.’ This is proof this happens,” Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas told the Union Leader’s Mark Hayward.

People who pull stunts like this should be prosecuted,” Nashua City Clerk Paul Bergeron tells the UL.

The Union Leader story poignantly points out, “State law makes it a crime to use a false name to obtain a ballot. State law also prohibits the audio-recording of a person without consent. (note: Reference links provided by author, not the UL)

So there is the outrage…two laws have been broken: (1) A recording was made without the consent of all parties, and,  (2) The undercover voter gave a false name to obtain a ballot. THROW JAMES O’KEEFE IN JAIL! RIGHT IN THE OL’ HOOSEGOW! and throw away the key!

Noticeably absent is the liberal moral relativity that typically unfolds when one their own gets jammed up in some controversy like we saw from Ray Buckley and his ilk when Michael Brunelle got his DWI and tried to run from the Police….Missing is the “ends justifies the means” arguments rolled out on behalf of O’Keefe. Nobody is stepping up to say, “Hey, James O’Keefe demonstrated a serious flaw and weakness in our voting system…No fraudulent votes were cast during this exercise, so O’Keefe should not be prosecuted. It was not O’Keefe’s intent to commit a crime, it was intent to expose a weakness and he did that.” [INSERT] Crickets Chirping…

No, irrespective of what O’Keefe’s politics are, his video exposé undercuts the push-back of anti-voter I.D. foes.  Governor John Lynch and Secretary of State Bill Gardner very publicly had their political pants pulled down with O’Keefe’s project veritas video. But, will they prosecute? Will this be too hot of a political potato to be handled? Will they prosecute James O’Keefe and still push back on Voter ID?

And we can thank our legislature that O’Keefe is legally exposed for prosecution for making the video. Our current statutes have shown themselves an enabling force in assisting Lynch and Gardner to assert, “There is no voter fraud problem in New Hampshire.”  Is there an equation in there? (Intended or Unintended) it would seem that hiding behind these laws, irrespective of O’Keefe’s motives, is corrupt.

And Mayor Ted Gatsas…Where do I begin? This is one point where Gatsas cannot see the trees through the forest and acts like a Blow-hard. Ted! thanks for supporting the status quo!

New Hampshire needs voter I.D. James O’Keefe demonstrated that need with his video. James O’Keefe has great big “stones” and my hat is off to him…