"It’s 2012 and we’re reading letters debating theology?" Yes, and we should! - Granite Grok

“It’s 2012 and we’re reading letters debating theology?” Yes, and we should!

In response to a Letter to the Editor in the Daily Sun (P. 4) today, i sent in this response (original Letter after the jump):

I actually wonder why there is not more discussion of theology in “public square”, Mr. Carey.  After all, it was the philosophy of Judeo-Christian theology that gave rise to the political philosophy of our Republic in which we now live. Religon, and the attendent theologies, shapes many of our individual outlooks on life, those around us, and how we conduct ourselves; in short, our personal morality.  Since it is individuals that become our legislatures, it makes it more important to have those discussions.  After all, they concoct our laws which form our public morality.

It’s 2012 and we’re reading letters debating theology?

To the editor,

Does anyone else find it strange that in the 21st century, we are seeing
letters debating theology?

Donald Carey