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RGGI Must Die!!

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is a Tax.  It is broad based, affecting every aspect of our lives.  And it is a tax beyond our constitutional control.  These added costs, this tax, is set outside the state and can be affected by third parties and secondary markets, none of whom answer to any elected or appointed official that we can un-elect or have removed from office.  No one will ever get to testify at a hearing. No roll call need be taken. No accountability. No responsibility. The tax will simply go up, and you will pay for it repeatedly, through every transaction, at every office, store, service provider, at home, and in the higher cost of government, every single day.

At is its simplest RGGI is taxation without representation and the only power the people have at their disposal to correct this injustice is to elect a majority of representatives who will act to repeal it.

They have done that in the New Hampshire House.  If the State Senate fails to act for the immediate repeal of RGGI, then whose rights were they elected to protect and why are they more important than ours?


Today,  Thursday, May 5th from 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM one of our Representatives, who wants to repeal RGGI, will be debating State Senator Bragdon http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/senate/members/senate11.asp , who is against repeal, on NHPR’s “The Exchange” radio program http://www.nhpr.org/exchange


PLEASE CALL IN at 1-800-892-6477 and get our message out to the (President of the) NH State Senate in no uncertain terms; that you want to be an RGGI free state and to stop paying taxes that you have no control over.


H/T NH Tea Party Coalition for the program information.

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