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Questons For The ‘Pro’ Income Tax Folks.

TaxesI have some questions for the pro-income tax folks out there.

Who are ‘The Rich?’ You always want to tax the "rich" to make it "fair."  So who are they and what is the income cut off?

How much will it cost us to create the necessary bureaucracy to handle a new income tax and all the family fun related to collecting, processing, returning, disputing, investigating, litigating, and so on? Include state salaries, benefits, pensions, operating costs, and estimate total department growth, administrative costs related to dealing with another bunch of state union employees, and will the increased dues paid to the unions through these state workers (who vote for pro-tax democrats) still be tax-deductible,or can they be considered income for taxing purposes without deduction?

What will the state do with the money, aside from grow uncontrollably?  And how long will they pretend to legislate it only for specific forms of tax relief (of the ‘fair’ variety) before they start tying strings to it and making town selectmen and councilors behave like Dickensian orphans to get a piece of that pie?

Which lobby will become the most powerful first once we have nearly invisible, unencumbered revenue pouring into Concord?

How much will property taxes go down?  And how long before they go back up and then surpass where they were when you lied about tax relief while promoting a new income tax?

Don’t we already tax profits and income from the job creating class through the BET and BPT?

Will this new tax replace those taxes, and are we going to stop taxing business profits as personal income for LLC and S-corps or (as I suspect) are you just going to tax these folks again. (Bride of LLC Tax).

How long will before people realize you are scamming them?

Who actually funds the very partisan Granite State Fair Tax Coalition? Are they from other states who are pissed off because they can’t compete with us in New Hampshire?

If you like income taxes so much, and they are so "fair," why don’t you just move to a state that has them already?  Are you put off by their lower quality of life, higher overall tax burden, larger populations of unemployed, higher poverty rates, higher crime rates, and the invasive meddling bureaucracies of those other states?

Why are you incapable of making any connection between the kind of taxes and government you claim to want, and the kind of state you end up with after you get them?


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