Defining Blue Dog Democrats - Granite Grok

Defining Blue Dog Democrats

Once you have written over 1000 of these things, you can forget some of the finer points you’ve made.  Oh, I don’t mean on positions or policy.  I’m a conservative.  I base that stuff on a set of fixed standards.  Say it 100 different ways but it is still based on the same core values.  No, I’m referring to past rhetorical flourishes that strike me as amusing when I come across them.  Case in point.

A post from April 2010 at NH Insider popped up on the radar and I found this little tidbit inside about Blue Dog Democrats.

These are Democrats who follow the 20/80 rule.  Twenty percent of the time they need to be bribed to vote like liberals, and the rest of the time they do it for free.

This struck me as funny.  So much so that I had to wonder who wrote it, even though it appears to have been me.  I’m still not convinced it was. But I liked it enough to share it again, and I am willing to take credit until further notice.