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Bedford School District Book Woes Re-ignite

Warning. Strong Sexual Content.

The Bedford Public School system is back in the news again.  Another book has popped up in the curriculum that is questioning the standards of the towns (cough-cough) educational experts. This time is it ‘Water For Elephants.”

This book appears to have some very interesting subject matter, which someone in the Bedford District finds suitable for students to read.  I’ll let you be the judge. (This is just a sample, and relates to the “warning” strong sexual content” portion.)

(Warning! By jumping to the conclusion of this post you accept all responsibility for the content you are about to read.)


p.81 "..a crudely drawn Olive Oil lies on a bed with her legs open, naked but for her shoes. She spreads herself with her fingers. Popeye appears in a thought bubble above her head, with a bulging erection that reaches to his chin. Wimpy, with an equally enormous erection, peers through the window".

p.133, scene with two women, "she fishes a skinny breast from her dress and lifts it to my mouth. She rubs it all over my face….Then I feel a mouth close around the head of my p*nis. I gasp….Oh God, oh God, she’s sucking it. Sucking it for God’s sake….Oh my God, I need to-".

Bottom of p.245, "Where exactly have you f*cked my wife?". p. 272-273, sex scene.


I have not read the book.   I cannot vouch for the page numbers or the content.  But I trust the source, and there seems to be plenty of outrage and duck and cover under way in Bedford.

So.  High School Reading Material or Penthouse letters?  Looks like both in Bedford New Hampshire