The Invertebrate Jeanne Shaheen? - Granite Grok

The Invertebrate Jeanne Shaheen?

Not visible in image: foot heading for mouth.So did Jeanne Shaheen vote for cloture on  Reid’s Frankenstein tax compromise and will she vote to pass it?  I ask because it includes Billions for a one year extension of ethanol subsidies that Senator Shaheen just insisted we could not afford.

Was Shaheen bought off?

With hundreds of billions in spending and bribes to democrats there is something in this piece of crap for almost every progressive, so I have to wonder what Shaheen is getting.   Could it be nothing?  That would not surprise.  Her invertebrate status in the face of party-first politics is as legendary as that of Carol Shea-Porter.  And as I pointed out here, the ethanol letter was not a dig against ethanol as a fuel source–as lousy as it is–it was to shift newly available funding freed up by dumping corn to something that might put some local coin in her campaign pockets.

But really, who the hell is Jeanne Shaheen?  Harry Reid doesn’t need to buy her vote he already has it, so Shaheen’s tilting at government waste gets the heave-ho so Reid can buy up Senators owned by the corn and farm lobby, or the wind and solar lobby, some of whom also singed the same letter as Shaheen but raced for the exits when the money train rolled up.  All Jeanne can bring to the table is wood-chips and her rubber stamp.

So what started out as a play for populist pandering has been reduced to its component parts.  Shaheen will abandon her objection to extending ethanol subsidies, she will vote yea on a bill with hundreds of billions in backroom bribes, and walk away with nothing but a smile and a dishonest press release about how she is helping the middle class by voting to keep their taxes from going up and saving them about $20.00 per month in payroll taxes for one year.  She’ll call it historic, and a tax cut, but your taxes are not going down.  She will be taxing you just as much as she does today, and given what her other votes have done to energy prices, the economy and inflation, that picture of Mr. Hamilton will only buy you a quarter tank of gas–not even enough to drive down to DC so you can call her a spineless hypocrite to her face.