Flesh Is For Zombies - Granite Grok

Flesh Is For Zombies

The Walking Dead- AMCPETA has a T-shirt (at the PETA store, OMG!) with "Flesh is for Zombies" plastered across the front.  My first thought, other than how great it goes with the matching tote bag?…the AMC hit series The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead, which just ran its initial 6 episode release, could use a few zombies with PETA shirts when season two comes out next fall.  

While "Flesh is for Zombies" PETA shirts on an actual zombie would be funny, it would not be nearly as funny as regular PETA shirts on Zombatized vegans, (Not to be confused with Vegans)  bent over to chew on some some poor bastards slimy organs.

That would be some good television right there. 

And why stop with PETA?  Now that we’ve pulled the little zombie Dutch Boy’s finger out of the dyke (and burned the nasty little digit) a broad range of casual wear opportunities for real world comparisons to the living dead just pour out before us. 

Just picture a crowd of purple shirted SEIU zombies growling and spitting at a black man as they try to knock him down.  That’s art imitating life.  Trying to eat his innards is really just an artistic from of political speech, correct, well suited for a grant from the National Endowment of the Arts.

Black Panther zombies could molest people at polling places, and keeping non-zombies away would be easier than using a night stick, though I’m reluctant to put soulless evil flesh eaters in black and camouflage.  Makes them harder to see at dusk.

ACORN could take recruitment to a whole new level, helping the hapless feed off of others, literally.

And how about the entire 111th democrat congress?  They wouldn’t even have to act.  They’ve already fed off our grandchildren.

 See what I mean?  The possibilities are endless.