Drinking At Dartmouth

Image Credit: Dartmouth Jim Yong Kim, the president of Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, agrees that Dartmouth has a drinking problem, but that prosecuting underage drinkers is not the answer, Melanie Plenda reports in today’s Union Leader.

This comes on the heels of yet another incident where someone served alcohol to minors.  So right away we can see the error of Dartmouth college President Jim Yong Kim.  The problem (in this case) is not so much that the police are punishing underage drinkers, but that they are trying to punish people on his campus who serve alcohol to a minor, in this case a seventeen year old high school student.

  Perhaps Dartmouth would like to follow Harvard’s lead? 

Harvard has an intramural off-campus mentor program where university professors actually remain on-site while the underage drinking proceeds, then act innocent and unaware when questioned about legions of minors leaving breadcrumb like trails of empty Bud-light cans back to their door.  (Here and Here)

We’ve also had underage NH State House legislators who are equally open minded about the law as written, consuming alcohol while underage, in the presence of those of age serving others under age.  He even wrote a legislative service request designed to keep underage drinkers off the police reports if they got caught and promised to seek help and behave.

The common thread amongst the lot is that they are all liberals; have a proclivity for ignoring the law when and where it becomes inconvenient to them; misrepresenting the circumstances when they get caught, and ultimately making it the fault of law enforcement for doing their jobs.

Instead of acting on the law, they offer pithy platitudes (excuses) and try to compartmentalize the problem.  ‘We’ll take care of it internally.’  Sure you will.  Isn’t that how things have gotten as bad as they are now?

The current case involves a seventeen year old high school student who was served hard liquor at an on-campus fraternity.  Could be a classic case or peer pressure bullying, a problem the liberal left loves to talk about. 

So Mr. Kim has a few issues.  He’s obviously a liberal, and a liberal apologist.  He seems incapable of any expectation of personal responsibility from anyone on his campus unless they are (and I’m guessing) some kind of right wing or christian group whom he would demand accept Marxists and atheists.  He is confused about the legal differences and responsibilities with prosecuting internal possession of alcohol and those responsible for the delivery system.  And this all stems from the universal contradiction progressive thinkers have. They want to regulate everything if they can’t either just abort it, or put a condom on it.

So there’s your answer Mr. Kim.  Give everyone a condom, and abort any responsibility you may have for illegal behavior on your campus.  As long as no one actually dies, you can call yourself open minded and compassionate. Or maybe you should just let the police do their job, and help them, instead of criticizing from your white tower.