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“Let’s Deface a Carol-Shea Porter Sign!” Contest

FYI: This is a special section dedicated to Carol-SEIU Porter – the usual GraniteGrok postings can be found below…


Honoring Bob Nickerson of Sandown, who took a large Carol-Shea Porta-Potty sign, "augmented" it, mounted it on his truck, and drove it around town, and in the spirit of "Draw Mohammed Day", we are sponsoring a "Let’s Deface a Carol-Shea Porter Sign!" contest.

Observe the hypocrisy of the CSP campaign – the same campaign who used GraniteGrok video footage taken at the Rochester 912 Congressional Debate, used it for an anti-Frank Guinta commercial, and refused to take it down from their YouTube channel.  Typical, two-faced liberal behavior.

So, apparently, the gloves are off – so let them be off.

Send us a photo of your "augmented" CSP sign (IAmAnExtremist@GraniteGrok.com).  Electronic augmentation is appropriate, but you get extra points for manual augmentation.  Be creative!

  • Ok! So, we’ve received 3 great entries so far (added Bob Nickerson’s), since we began the contest:
  • Dave Coffin and Richard Olson are our next 2 participants. Nice signs, guys…Keep them coming!
  • Saw the “Shea-Pelosi” sign on Blue Hampshire (by the way, we are not “Guinta foot-soldiers” and BH is in serious denial about the level of American Pelosi-hatred and CSP’s association to her…we like denial by our adversaries.)

CSP Bob Nickerson
CSP Sign Porker
CSP shea-pelosi