Is Carol Coming Out Of The Commie Closet? - Granite Grok

Is Carol Coming Out Of The Commie Closet?

In Carol Seiu-Porter’s last debate she emphasized her commitment to government as a source for solutions and inferred that people who object to that position are just way out there, you know, extremists.

Unfortunately for Carol the majority of Americans disagree with her which makes her the extremist. But to Carol’s credit, she is beginning to admit, more or less, that she is a central planner, command economy kind of gal and proud of it.  So all that’s left is for her to admit that she is a socialist just like the union bosses, and many of the outed congressman who support her campaign.

And while refreshing, as opposed to the majority of democrats who continue to lie about it because they know most American’s object to their agenda, it is in fact an admission that no matter what the problem, Carol sees the federal government as the first best (and perhaps only) solution.

That’s bad for New Hampshire, and it’s bad for liberty.