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It’s Train Wreck Week!

I'm supposed to read what first?

It’s Carol Shea-Porter week over at Boo-Hoo Hampshire. That means quality opinion about the antics of the 1st district congresspersonista from New Hampshire are the order of the day, every day, until next Monday. So the guys at Granite Grok are more than happy to embrace Carol’s stated commitment to bi-partisan support, an angle you are not going to find at Blue Hamster, by providing alternative commentary about her for the duration, in honor of her having voted with her party leadership 98% of the time.

By the way. Do you know why Carol only votes with her party 98% of the time? She’s missed 2% of the votes.

But to be fair, and we know Carol is all about fair, we’ll leave it up to Blue Dumpster to produce Carol’s bi-partisan record in congress.  That’s when she does not vote with the leadership PAC money that keeps coming her way for being such a good little do-bee.  (Remember what Frau Pelosi says..don’t be a "Dont Bee," be a "Do Bee.") So good luck to them.  I don’t think they can pull it off.  Carol is easily one of the most reliable votes for the expansion of the Nancy-State.

I’d also like to see them merge her voting record with the "Independent voice for New Hampshire" rhetoric, an equally challenging effort given the facts. Of course Dean is not looking for facts he’s looking for sympathy. He’s mounting this "give Carol a big ol’ hug" campaign to energize whatever is left of the base or it’s support for Carol Shea-Porter since the independent voice of the independent’s has jumped ship leaving him with his voice, the left wing church choir, and a handful of RINO’s lurking over at Red Hampshire.  So how much you want to bet we get more traffic on ‘CSP Week’ than he does?

But let’s not jump to conclusions. Carol is a real winner. She’s sponsored something like 32 bills, none of which have ever come out of committee, none of them becoming law unless as piecemeal bits attached to other peoples legislation–but it’s more like that nasty three bean salad at the Congressional picnic; every now and then someone has to take one for the team.  No not the smelly tourists. And no making faces while you suck it up or Aunt Nancy will toss you under the Hopey-changy bus.

Carol has also co-sponsored over 700 other peoples bills since 2007, some 395 in her most recent term of which only 10 have become law.  Of course anyone can do that.  Dean could do that from his living room.  But can you imagine the other legislators reaction to a Shea-Porter co-sponsorship? "Holy crap. Carol Shea-Porter wants’ to co-sponsor my bill. That means it’s now only got a 2% chance of becoming law. What do I tell her?"

Since Jimmy Dean Bob Barker is also looking for better local press, how about this?  GovTrack defines the congresspersonista from CD-1 as a "rank and file democrat" who is a ‘follower’ not a leader. That looks good in headline print does it not?  No?  Well it’s not exactly the ‘Independent’ voice we were promised. It’s not in the same neighborhood, nor even the same state—unless the state is California and the neighborhood is Nancy Pelosi’s. Carol is about as Independent a voice as Baghdad Bob.  ‘WHat do you mean?  There are no troops here.  We have crushed the Americans…"

But Kudos to Jimmy Dean "Bob" Barker for making the effort. If he thinks being the District One rebound date and avid progressive water carrier is what makes for a great legislator we can’t stop him from making a fool of himself. He’s clearly emotionally invested in Carol Shea-Train-wreck which is always an admirable trait for house pets, small children or cattle, but he’s entitled to whatever delusions he can muster as long as it does not put the lives of others at risk. Of course this does. It puts the entire country at risk. Too bad he’s too blinded by his ideological worship to see it.

So raise you rising federal tax bills to Carol Shea-Porter because only a socialist-democrat from a state with the Motto ‘Live Free or Die’ could triple the deficit, raise the debt ceiling and then break it a few weeks later, and double down on federal regulations over the states without even voting on the final versions (just to name a fraction of her infractions) and still think she’s representing the other 60% of her district. But then, elected democrats don’t really seem to care about what other people want unless it allows them to define and regulate the "want," collect money from someone else to pay for it, and it deprives everyone else of the power to change it.

And don’t worry about Carol.  After 2010 she can keep doing the exact same job she’s doing now… Nancy Pelosi’s press secretary to New Hampshire.