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A Smudge On The “Teflon” John

John Lynch made a big stink about the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) calling him out on his lie about same sex marriage (one of several actually).  He seemed awfully upset about someone from out of state spending $200K to advertise the fact.  So mad, that had the amended version of HB 1459 passed the House he said he’d sign it (without any regard for the affects that the threat of litigation could have on political speech.) 


Someone spent money to expose our feckless governor.  Free speech had hurt the Teflon John so speech must be punished!  

Mr. Lynch also wants to assure you that NOM’s out of state influence should not be taken seriously.  He is just concerned about out of state money affecting local politics.  But what he’d rather you not discuss is how much out of state money he’s been using for political speech to keep himself ensconced in the governor’s office up in Concord. 

In 2004 John Lynch primarily self funded spending 2 million of his own money out of roughly 3 million dollars.  It is worth noting that $300,000.00 of that was from outside the state, a wee bit more than the 200K he’s gnashing his rhetorical teeth on these days. 

When we jump to the totals for the 2006 and 2008 gubernatorial campaigns, we find that John Lynch collected $1,800,000.00 dollars from outside the state.  That 1.8 million represents almost 40% of all the contribution used by Governor Lynch to affect local politics right here in New Hampshire. 

For those counting that puts NOM at $200K out of state dollars, and John Lynch at $2.1 Million out of state dollars.  

So while Lynch says “we’re working together” and he’s whining about a paltry $200k ad campaign, Teflon John “the Liar” Lynch has scored over $2,000,000.00 (million) from out of state interests—some of them very special—to convince you he’s Mr. Hearth and Home.  

Backing him up is the New Hampshire Democrat party which was more than happy to bitch about the $200K right along side the governor, and why not?  Since 2004 the NHDP has supported your local candidates with about 2,000,000.00 (that’s another 2 million) out of state dollars as well.  Of the 3.9 million the NHDP has collected since 2004, 56% of it came from outside the state? 

John Lynch gets 40% of his millions from outside the state.  The NH Democrat party has been getting 56% of its millions from outside the state.  All “outside” money affecting local in state politics.


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