The Liberals Creative-Destruction of Faith - Granite Grok

The Liberals Creative-Destruction of Faith

It is worth noting that in all secular-humanist or socialist Marxist regimes it is necessary to first utilize pre-existing institutions to advance the agenda and then, systematically destroy them so that they cannot then be used in the same manner to overthrow the central government.   In a democracy you use the threat of a big, wasteful, unresponsive government to justify your ascent to power then replace it with an even bigger, more expensive, even less responsive government.

That’s what the liberals have done using white guilt and what Harry Reid calls a clean well spoken black man, to grab all the levers of power.

The other essential element–particularly in America now–is to warp the foundations of religion by watering  down protestant faiths into secularist propagandists for state control.  Using social programs, or by coveting other initiatives into social based programs like environmental justice, you create dedicated propagandists and willing activists by using a secularist like evangelicalism–where the power of the state replaces the god-head as the source of revelation and salvation.  Some Congregationalist, Unitarian, and Episcopalians, among others have made this transition already.

Those denominations or churches unwilling to accede to the agenda must be dehumanized, criticized, demoralized, shunned, or buried in corruption and ill will, tied to flawed men or flawed purposes.  This drives moderates,  fence sitters,and those of weak faith away from them and toward more state-focused belief systems where the elitists in the political power structure gain more control and secure their own aristocratic credentials. 

Men of God can come from any walk of life, needing only faith to begin their journey. These men, starting from any station, can become learned in a different way, and exercise influence through the church.  This is a threat to the political class on two fronts.  First, it is more difficult to control or shape their learning and because of that their world view.  Second, these men who have become educated trough a faith in something other than just that of the state, offer the people a desirable alternative to it, and exercise significant influence as shepherds of the masses. 

Faith represents a power on earth that is rooted in a respect for a power greater than itself.  There is no equivalent in the secularist-socialist world. 

Men of faith can beg forgiveness, or have a hell they can go to, and the laws of men to punish them in the mean time.  Secularists politicians on the other hand (And religious pretenders who use religion to fool people of faith) write the laws of men to their own advantage, and have only the will of the people to fear, so they work constantly to protect themselves from that will and it shows in their work.

They prey on human weakness, fear, and misuse trust to advance their goals. 

And while it is certain that all men are weak and prone to abuses of their office, priests and pastors in America do not screw 300 million people with the stroke of a pen–only a politician can do that.

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