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John Lynch Goes Gay (Sort Of)

The Ray and Kathy Show has this gag they do all the time, where they complain about outside money, or special interests on the right affecting local elections.  It’s a serious gas because everyone knows it’s actually a projection of their own involvement with deep pocketed outside interests with which they exert pressure upon the local worker bees doing Yeoman’s work at hiding their radical left wing agenda, but they think it works so we try to play along.   Case in point: Governor John “Liar” Lynch, who was recently taken to task for saying one thing and doing another on the not uncontroversial subject of same sex marriage.  Lynch flip flopped and plenty of us asked if someone put the thumb screws on our diminutive chief executive. 

No, no.  Lynch is his own man concerned about equality and civil rights, Blah blah blah. 

Enter into the debate this article by Lou Chibbaro Jr. from The Washington Blade, which bills itself as "the lgbtq community resource."  The article is titled, “Rare Peek behind closed doors of secret gay donor confab.”  In the article Lou Chibbaro jr reveals for us the internal happenings at an event on May 15th to May 16th (just two weeks ago).  It’s was..

“…the annual Political OutGiving conference, a highly confidential event for a network of more than 200 big-stakes LGBT contributors to political campaigns.” 

Among those in attendance at this secret, confidential event with more than 200 big stakes LGBT contributors (according to Chibbaro) were a select number of democrat Governors including Martin O’Malley of Maryland, Chet Culver of Iowa, Edward Rendell of Pennsylvania  and John Lynch of New Hampshire.

Must have missed this on the governors calendar.  Big country, more than 200 big stakes LGBT contributors to political campaigns, very short list of invitees, and John Lynch is one of the few.  So what does Governor Lynch’s host, OutGiving do? 

“Political OutGiving is a focused, bipartisan state-based strategy that concentrates on delivering resources from dedicated and generous donors to select campaigns in a limited number of states,” 

“Political OutGiving started in 2006 when hundreds of donors contributed around $3 million to targeted campaigns aimed at protecting or increasing the number of pro-LGBT supporters in state legislatures,” she said. “Political OutGiving similarly engaged in elections in 2008 and will be involved in campaigns in 2010.”

The focus of the Article is on Governor O’Malley, who was invited—it appears—to ‘encourage’ him to support same sex marriage, when he is on the record stating that he thinks civil unions are the best Marlynd could hope for.  The Governor of Maryland… 

“He has not supported gay marriage in the past,” he said, adding that while O’Malley doesn’t believe enough support exists to pass a same-sex marriage bill, he feels the legislature “could move and pass legislation on civil unions.” 

Sound familiar?  OutGiving is focused on delivering resources to select campaigns in a limited number of states—to advance the gay agenda.   

How do they do it?  According to Lou Chibbaro Jr.s reporting…

(the) Gill Action Fund assesses candidates running for public office to determine whether they should be supported or opposed. It then sends its recommendations to its “top secret” donor list, according to one source familiar with the group.

The donors then make individual contributions to the recommended candidates. The system makes it difficult to measure which candidates are benefiting from the gay network.

 “The fact that it’s being kept out of the public eye — that’s bad news,” said New York gay rights attorney and activist Bill Dobbs. “It’s too much wheeling and dealing behind closed doors.” 


“I think part of it is they don’t want to run the risk that there would be stories that these rich gay people get together and push their agenda and it’s the moneyed gay people that are making things happen,” the donor said. 

But that’s exactly what they’ve been doing, and anyone with the time can probably find the evidence in the donation records of the New Hampshire democrat party and various democrat party campaign arms that have been flooding outside money into the state to affect local elections to sell a special interest agenda.  With more money going to local and state level candidates as well as issue advocay groups and non-profits…?  (2006 out of state contributions were 56% higher than 2004.  2004 -$190,000.00.  2006-$ 427,000.00)

And now, with John Lynch under attack for lying and flip flopping about his position on same sex marriage, and facing declining popularity, he has just spent a lazy May weekend hanging out with a handful of democrat governors and more than 200 big-stakes LGBT contributors to political campaigns. 

How much money do you think they’ll give Lynch to try and keep him in office in 2010?  To what length might they go to hide the tracks? And what was that thing the liberals were saying about “out of state influence peddling” affecting local elections? 

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