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Hate Pimps


Anyone else getting bored with the left wing hate meme? I know I am.  It’s like living with some insane relative whose run out of psychotropic meds.  Or how about that dog from America’s funnies home videos?  He’s using his nose to roll a rock around the yard and the voice over is “Pushing a rock,  pushing a rock, pushing a rock, pushing a rock, pushing a rock, pushing a rock, pushing a rock, pushing a rock, pushing a rock,….”  Just replace the dog with a liberal and switch ‘a rock’ with ‘hate.’  You’ve nailed them.   



They probably didn’t even need any prompting this time around.  The BORG leader sent them a one word instruction, and their bodies knew exactly what to do.  Hate. 

It’s kind of sad that these people even have to think this way.  Do they put that in the brochure because if they do I can’t see how anyone’s going to want to join their party? 

Anyway, it’s gotten so bad that you could write something like, “Barack Obama likes a croissant with his morning coffee but I prefer a donut,” and the leftwing response would be something like “you hate Obama you pastry, racist, hating bigot. 


This narrative has its benefits of course.  There are millions of people participating in Tea Party rallies and pro-liberty events in objection to the Obamacrat agenda, and these folks are not used to the typical full nelson–left wing notion of “dialogue.”   They never realized that this was how liberals make the sausage.  But there it is in all its glory.  You are a racist, you are a bigot, you hate this or hate that.  And then they see it regurgitated in the left wing media and a light goes on; most of these pricks in the press are radical liberals too.  They’ve been lying to me all my life, pretending to be unbiased, and now I can see it plain as day.  They sound just like that a-hole who was calling me a racist hate mongering tea bagger just because I don’t want to my taxes go up, or a government takeover of “x.” 

And they change the channel.  They turn off the hate.  Because it’s not who they are.  And it is not who they want to be. 

Don’t believe me, look at the ratings.  The liberal media is dying on whatever warped, twisted little thread of a vine remains.  The only people watching are the left wing hate pimps and their acolytes and political pundits forced to monitor this bizarre behavior like scientists who have to measure tumors on lab animals.   Middle America is turning it off and waking up to the reality that the difference between your average hate mongering liberal on the street and one in a studio is make up, stage craft.  Most taking heads are one verbal “wardrobe malfunction” away from sounding like a brick throwing street thug at a globalization summit. 

And the Hate pimps are too stupid to get that they can’t Alinsky millions.  But they don’t have anything else to go by.  Isolate and attack, isolate and attack.  That’s their shtick.  That’s what the hate-speech is all about.  They want to isolate you and attack you.  Make you feel bad.  Make you afraid to speak out.  And while some of the moon bats are just turning the knobs, there are plenty of these left-wingers who actually believe it all.  They discharge weapons through windows, throw rocks, light stuff on fire, blow people up, start riots, beat up a helpless black man, and of course stage similar behaviors and try to pin them on someone else for political points because they can’t understand why we wouldn’t be just as wound up and hatful as they are. 

I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t hate.  I just like to wind up moon-bats like dime store toys and watch those cheap little bastards spin.  And do they.   

So if you find yourself being told that your objection to some policy  is hate, don’t overreact.  Just laugh at these sad twisted little trolls and tell them to go back under their bridge.  Worst case, you are just insulting bridge trolls.  Let them waste time trying to spin that into something useful.

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