The Artful Dodger's Apparatchiks are Well Trained in the Mold of their Boss. - Granite Grok

The Artful Dodger’s Apparatchiks are Well Trained in the Mold of their Boss.

Back in June of 2008, demonstrating powers akin to the great Karnac, CoolI wrote in a post entitled Jeanne Shaheen- the artful dodger about some videos showing the then candidate refusing to answer questions about Card Check legislation:

I know that Skip posted on this video last week, but it really can’t be shown enough, as it gives insight into Jeanne Shaheen and what kind of representative we’ll get should she actually get elected to the US Senate. 

Continuing, I marveled in awe of her ability to dodge the question on camera:

Notice the careful avoidance of actually responding to what the guy asked her? She’s good!

I then commented on a second Youtube in the post showing what was basically a rerun of the first:

Same question. Same non-answer…

Finally, the best part. Keep in mind, this was some 14 months ago in the good ‘ole days BEFORE Jeanne Shaheen became our Senator:

Notice the pattern? I’ll bet she’s got similar scripted and well-crafted "answers" to all the tough ones. She really is nothing more than the classic liberal activist/politician– one that finds it necessary to mask the real truth because, as we all know, when liberalism is offered up in an open way, it is always rejected. As the campaign moves on, look for the former Governor to avoid unscripted public access as much as possible, lest people actually come to know the REAL Jeanne Shaheen.

The REAL Shaheen indeed. Was I not right? And how goes that old saying, a fish rots from the head down? Guess what? There’s some NEW video out there… During so-called "staffer" hours in Keene, we have now definitively learned that whether it’s Shaheen herself, or one of the lackeys sent out in her stead, questions will go unanswered, and a careful and systematic avoidance of all who do not fall in lockstep with her statist liberal ways will take place. With a hat tip to Joey Dauben, here is an excellent video report of circumstances as they went down in Keene.

Wake up people– THIS IS OUR GOVERNMENT and it MUST be beholden to us! The two videographers, Ian and Sam, have appeared in studio with us on MTNP radio. The videos are from Sam’s Obscured News Network