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The pushback continues…

Along with Tea Party rallies and demonstrations popping up all around the country, including those at the doorsteps of congressional offices, we are witnessing yet another vehicle folks are taking advantage of in expressing anger and frustration with what their so-called "leaders" have been doing on their behalf down in Washington: speaking out at various "town hall" style meeting and gatherings held home in the Districts.

Much like the lady we saw passionately addressing Congressman Mike Castle about Obama’s birth status during one such event, others are drilling down on the socialization and nationalization of our health care system. Seems as though the more people wake up to the details, the more they object. This video shows MO Democratic Representative Russ Carnahan talking about his party’s plan to overhaul health care and the reaction of the crowd that obviously isn’t buying it…



I’ve got to believe that even the densest of politicians, save the great Obama himself– and perhaps Reid and Pelosi– are starting to see the light on some of these crazy leftists proposals.

[H/T Michelle Malkin]