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Right Klik Poll

Vote for Ovide Lamontagne on Right Klik’s Ten Buck Friday’s Poll. The poll is open until 9/10/10 From Right Klik The TBF poll in a nutshell: This is a poll designed to promote rising conservative stars. At the end of the week, the winner will be promoted by a network of over 80 conservative blogs …

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Problem Solved

I confess to being surprised that the progressives have not suggested building Planned Parenthood clinics along the border with Mexico as a solution to the anchor baby problem.  If reproductive freedom really is such a critical part of left wing America then the proper introduction for future undocumented  democrat voters should be to get them …

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Obama’s Department Of Injustice

It is against the law to hire an illegal immigrant. To avoid violating that law you can use e-verify to determine status. But if you discover they are illegal by using e-verify and decide not to hire them, Eric Holder might send the civil rights division after your small business with more lawyers and the backing of the US treasury to show you who the boss is.

Well Isn’t This ‘Rich’

As a follow up to this after doing some more digging here, I think that Cd-1 candidate Richard Ashooh must have taken out another mortgage on his home.  Interest rates are at historical lows!  I suspect this must be the case because he is reporting a loan to his campaign of $25,000.00 (here) but according …

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The Bill Binnie of NH CD-1?

Sean Mahoney is so politically popular that he has apparently had to loan himself some more money.  The Bill Binnie of NH-01 will have given his own campaign close to one million dollars.  Will that push him over the 90% self funded mark?  He was at 86% last time I did the math.  We’ll have …

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Obama’s “Real” Katrina

For the record, unemployment is being reported at 9.6%;they are saying that 54,000 fewer people are working than in July. But that’s not quite as interesting as this tidbit. Roughly 352,000 people (according to BLS) have stopped looking for work altogether since August of 2009. That’s the same as if Obama had put the entire city of New Orleans not just out of work, but out of the urge to even look for work–for at lest twelve months. Talk about Obama’s Katrina.  Where’s the media outrage?

Hodespocrisy– It’s Mr. Crowley

Paul Hodes knows Joe Crowley. He accepted a $2000.00 campaign donation from Crowley’s Job’s Opportunities & Education PAC. Crowley is the DCCC’s finance chairman which is actually kind of humorous given the ethics charges against him.