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Nitzakhon is a capital-C political conservative & both a nationalist and culturalist who often jokes that he's not a Republican because they're too liberal. His father's ancestry goes back to the Mayflower and he has two confirmed Revolutionary War ancestors (with two more potentials awaiting time to verify)... with family lore and DNA showing Viking ancestry.  He's also a Zionist Jew with strong ties to Israel and believes that after 2000 years of exile, the indigenous Jews deserve their homeland back.  Massachusetts-born, but Granite Stater by choice, he is married with children.

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One of the terms that I keep hearing, ad nauseum, is “Vaccine hesitancy.”  That’s THE breathless question: Why are people hesitant about taking this shot?

Is President Asterisk Ruthlessly Deleting Wrongthink in Your DM’s and Emails?

On my old blog, I had a post about the coming Great Silencing.  In it I predicted that blogs would be shut down, fascist book, gulag, twit, etc., would be cracking down and ruthlessly deleting wrongthink posts (if permitting them to go up at all thanks to algorithms and AI scanning).  This would go well …

Is President Asterisk Ruthlessly Deleting Wrongthink in Your DM’s and Emails? Read More »

T-Rex, Screen Grab Jurrasic Park 2 (2)

Survival Instincts: Individual and Societal

Eons ago, when I was in high school and had to evade velociraptor packs and the occasional T-rex on the way to the train station to get to high school, I was watching a scaaaary movie while alone doing homework at the dining table.


Quick Takes

In the interest of “throwing something together” here are a few assorted topics for you, in our host’s tradition: 1. Hyperinflation & the economic crash.  They are a-comin’.  Deutsche Bank Issues a Terrifying Warning for America Under Biden:

Southpark COVID fact check

Why I Want to Catch COVID

So this last weekend I was sniffing, sneezing, coughing up my lungs, and even had a mild fever.  Not typically a day napper, I took not one but two naps on Saturday.  I couldn’t focus (unusual for me even with a cold) and more or less autopiloted my way through the weekend.

Masks & Vaccines Macht Frei

Masks & Vaccines Macht Frei

I was in one of my favorite local area bakeries, family-owned. A classic small business which, preferentially, I support even if more expensive than the same product at a chain store. They have been following the mandatory mask ordinance of Nashua (which is in the process of being dropped).


A Few Thoughts About the Last GrokMeet!

I ventured into the wilds and attended the Rochester Granite Grok meet-up.  Good time.  I was especially gratified at Skip & Steve specifically mentioning me, and doubly so for actually getting what I’d call a significant amount of applause at that mention.  So, wait, people actually read my stuff?  Kewl!


The Technological Golden Calf

I first picked up the classic scifi book Dune by Frank Herbert when I was in high school, and only at my father’s insistence.