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JCN calls BS on AOC


“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth.”  While it’s unclear who originally said this (it is sometimes attributed to Lenin, sometimes to Goebbels); the unfortunate fact is that we’re seeing it in action on a daily basis.  The left has become extraordinarily comfortable with outright fabrication, even after it has been proven unequivocally false. The mainstream media tends to either play along or stand back and let it happen.

In this atmosphere, it is more important than ever that people step forward to challenge falsehoods and steer the conversation back toward facts.  Facts are indeed “stubborn things” (to quote John Adams)… but only if there is someone willing to speak on behalf of truth.

Yesterday, the 603 Alliance announced the first round of confirmed speakers for the upcoming “Liberty Trumps Socialism” summit on April 13th.   That initial list includes James O’Keefe, Jenny Beth Martin, Trevor Loudon, and Alfredo Ortiz.

For those of you who are not familiar with Alfredo Ortiz, he is the President and CEO of Job Creators Network, a group that made news last month when they put up two billboards in Times Square pointing out how ludicrous the proposed “Green New Deal” is, and how much it would presumably cost.

But to the social justice crowd, bringing up facts is poor etiquette.  AOC tweeted her response; predictably, she had nothing to say about the veracity of JCN’s assertions.  Instead, she noted that the billboards were funded by a billionaire, imagining perhaps that this would somehow alter the underlying facts of the case.

Kudos to JCN for their persistence; in a follow up move, JCN put up a new pair of billboards, including one that said “Hey AOC, this billboard cost about $4,000. But you cost NY 25,000 jobs and $4,000,000,000 in annual lost wages. Ouch!”

Ouch, indeed.  Yes, facts are stubborn things.  The world needs more truth-tellers who can get this kind of message out.

If you’d like to hear Alfredo Ortiz speak at the 603 Alliance summit on April 13th, get your tickets here.