NBC Invites "Climate Confessions", Hilarity Ensues - Granite Grok

NBC Invites “Climate Confessions”, Hilarity Ensues

Polar Bear Climate change makes me sad

NBC News has created a platform for virtue-signaling doomsday-cult enthusiasts to confess their sins. “Climate Confessions” is a new page on the NBC News website that offers the public a forum for posting admissions of their environmentally unfriendly habits.

Here are just a few of the gems that people have posted:

  • “Where I live it is currently 98 degrees F.  Sorry, but you can have my a/c when you pry it from my cold dead hands.”
  • “I would rather the whole planet burn up than give up meat.  Kick rocks hippies.”
  • “Who cares? I’ll do what I like. I’ll floor it in my gas-guzzling sports car for fun. You do not matter to me.”
  • “I cook a one pound steak every day, eat half, and throw the other half away, in a re-usable Ziploc bag…”
  • “I solve global warming by turning the ac way down and leaving the windows open. I drive an F350 45 miles to work each day alone.”
  • “I run my A/C 24/7.  I’m not going to sweat to appease this climate religion.”
  • “I sleep with the air conditioner on year-round and I justify it to myself by recycling.”
  • “I fly private jets.  We will often burn 500 gallons of fuel to save 10 minutes.”
  • “I like my house to be 85 in the winter and 55 in the summer.  Deal with it, hippies.”

Read more or join in the fun here.