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GrokWatch: what’s going on with Northwood’s School Board?

As a concerned taxpayer and 16 year resident of Northwood, the bus crisis has been a topic of concern.  Searching for more information, I submitted an RTN request. The SAU office and the documents I received were astonishing.  The Northwood bus crisis was self-inflicted, courtesy of the Northwood school board and superintendent Gadomski. We ended up in …

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Demographics: Changing the Focus of A Country

By Rep. Dave Testerman I want to talk about why we should be concerned about immigration, particularly from Muslim countries.  Frankly, it’s all simple math.  When the majority of the population is different from the original ethnic mix, it changes the focus of the country.

White student wins vindication at Evergreen State College

Contributor: Kevin Kervick A white student at Evergreen State College filed a bias report against the university after he was asked to change his seat because he is white. The bias investigator recently ruled that his case had merit. This is a victory for common sense. Follow Kevin on YouTube

First Do No Harm – An Open Letter to a Pro-Abortion Doctor

An open letter to Dr. Oglesby Young, OB-GYN, 189 North Main Street, Concord, NH and the NH Democratic Party. Dear Dr. Young, I have verified by a call to your office that you, Dr. Oglesby Young OB-GYN, are a real doctor who practices out of Concord NH. Your receptionist confirmed to me that you wrote …

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Dear Transgendered People,

Guest Post | Kathy Dunton   Dear Transgendered People, There’s a letter header I never thought I’d be writing. Can we please have a conversation about this bathroom-bill stuff? As a woman who was born female, and has always felt like a female, I know that I cannot possibly understand your life. At the same …

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Censorship Effort in New Hampshire

“Cop corrects liberal snitch who reported her political opponents (Concord, NH)” GrokWatch News Desk | Submitted by Dave Ridley What is probably one of New Hampshire’s top five most popular YouTube vids (above) faces attempted suppression. My million-hit clip shows a pro-Medicare-expansion activist on a public Concord sidewalk, reporting her political opponents to police because they …

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After 200 years, the Crown would Feel at Home Here Again

by Charles G. Douglas, III  Where Do You Go To Challenge Illegal Government Decisions When The Courts Close You Out? China and Russia have an approach to government responsibility that places the powers of government above and over the people.  Our system is the reverse.  Our 1784 Bill of Rights in Part I, Article 8 clearly …

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