Bill Stevens – Newtown CT Parent – Speaking at The April 5th CCDL Rally

by Steve MacDonald April 9, 2014
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“It was never Governor Malloy’s intention to solve the real problem.  All along, it was how best to exploit the Tragedy in Newtown in order to advance their liberal, gun control agenda.”

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OFA Uses Massacre of Children to Build Its Email and Fundraising List

by Steve MacDonald December 3, 2013
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Organizing for Acorn is using the anniversary of the Newtown tragedy to add names to their email and fundraising list.  How does that conversation go? “Hey, let’s use the bodies of dead children to expand our influence and political power, we just have to call it something else…” That’s how it goes. At least I […]

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Newtown Post Sandy Hook – Pistol Permit’s up 110%

by Steve MacDonald November 13, 2013
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While Democrats and their anti-self defense cabal used the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary to advance their own ridiculous and destructive political agenda, actual people in Newtown Connecticut grasped reality by the gonads. The police cannot nor have they any obligation to protect anyone, and there will always be nut jobs who find a way […]

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When is someone going to sue the state of Connecticut?

by Steve MacDonald June 29, 2013

When is someone going to sue the state of Connecticut for public endangerment and as an accomplice to murder? Children are dead because of a policy agenda, sold to the people as a better guarantee of safety, enforced by the police state, that intentionally disarmed its citizens, and clearly identified the places where they would […]

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Zandra “Rice-Out-Of-State-Palooza” Hawkins

by Steve MacDonald May 17, 2013

Out of State funded, Colorado Model, intrusive Democrat Agenda-thumper Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress, is a progressive mole, and paid lobbyist, planted by the out of state agenda-mill Progress Now to operate as a “local” left wing propaganda machine.  (Progress Now is an extension or partner with Democracy Alliance   both of which […]

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Did NH Democrats Encourage Erica Lafferty to Crash Kelly Ayotte’s NH Town Hall?

by Steve MacDonald May 1, 2013

Who in the New Hampshire Democrat party reached out to Erica Lafferty–the daughter of slain Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Dawn Hochsprung–to encourage her to leave her own state, which has all kinds of background checks for gun purchases that did no good at all, to come to New Hampshire and lean on our State […]

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Some Murders Are More Newsworthy Than Others

by Scott Morales April 14, 2013

Children slaughtered by streaking lead projectiles, punched out of a menacing-looking barrel, wielded by an unhinged psychopath, is newsworthy.  Children slaughtered by other means is not, or so it seems. The news that’s been visiting the nation endlessly for months now is about a white-skinned fruit-loop, hell-bent on slaughtering white children.  If he was seeking […]

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Liberal Policies have caused enough Deaths

by Don April 9, 2013

How many more innocent lives are Progressives/Liberals/Democrats willing to sacrifice to further their political goals of controlling people and making them dependent on government? While Democrat gun control proposals in Washington and Concord wouldn’t have stopped the Newtown massacre, they would make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to defend themselves from assault, rape, […]

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Ramirez on target…

by Susan Olsen December 28, 2012
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A thought from watching Meet The Press’s host, liberal David Gregory

by Skip December 24, 2012

I normally DVR the Sunday talking head shows to watch them when it is convenient for me Today was the “convenient for me” as I had other things to do in the morning and then met with some of the Groksters in the evening as we got together for a “shoot & yak” time Sidenote:  […]

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Do Something that Actually Dissuades and Stops Killers

by Don December 21, 2012

I am sympathetic with Ben Fordham’s call, in his 12/19 letter to the editor of The Citizen of Laconia (, to “DO something“. We should do something that works. What we have been doing fails because it has been based on fantasy, not realism. We have established “gun free zones” to protect children and others, […]

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Sober Talk From New Hampshire Democrats on Assault Weapons?

by Steve MacDonald December 20, 2012

The Union Leader has an editorial out this morning that quotes some members of New Hampshire Democrat leadership as tip-toeing around the current wave of rhetoric and discussion on what to do about guns. Instead, they are asking what are probably important questions about mental health services but I suspect that their interest here is […]

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Univ RI Professor Erik Loonis- Oops, Sorry, He Spells it Loomis

by Steve MacDonald December 18, 2012

There is so much hate and vulgarity spewing from the Twitter account of University or Rhode Island professor Erik Loomis that I am reluctant to post any of it here.  But I have no objection to you going here to see for yourself. Let me just prepare you.  University professor.  Anti second amendment.  Newtown.  Hate.  […]

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Jeanne Shaheen Wants to Ban Guns

by Steve MacDonald December 17, 2012

Tragedy always attracts a parade of progressive mountebanks, anxious to peddle their faulty wares as cures for what ails us, and US Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D- Utopia) is no different.  In response to the heinous criminal acts perpetrated in Newtown, Connecticut she observed that… “We need a comprehensive approach that includes improving access to mental […]

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Many Still Ask Why…

by Rick Olson December 17, 2012

“The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory.” —Jeff Cooper Twenty Children and six adults are dead. Senseless, violently shot down by […]

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by Tom December 16, 2012

As tragic as the shooting event in Connecticut was, when you actually look at the data on US Deaths, you can plainly see the totally overblown, reactive tizzy that the American Liberal community, and their lapdogs, the mainstream media, have themselves in. Using official CDC data, guns are not nearly our biggest problem…. US Deaths […]

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