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Did NH Democrats Encourage Erica Lafferty to Crash Kelly Ayotte’s NH Town Hall?


Who in the New Hampshire Democrat party reached out to Erica Lafferty–the daughter of slain Sandy Hook Elementary School principal Dawn Hochsprung–to encourage her to leave her own state, which has all kinds of background checks for gun purchases that did no good at all, to come to New Hampshire and lean on our State Senator?

Talk about out of state influence.

With all due respect and deepest condolences to Ms. Lafferty for her loss, you are being played.  All you did was reduce your very real tragedy to a tragic comedy by coming to my state to intimidate my Senator for not voting to pass a bill that would not have done one damn thing to prevent what happened to your mother.  Or didn’t the Democrats, or the magazine editors, or the folks on the Today show, or whomever they’ve had you with or in front of tell you that yet?

By the way, while you were here did you ask Senator Ayotte why she plans to vote against the Internet sales tax?  That vote would have just as much impact on the unlawful or illegal acquisition of firearms as the background check bill.  Seems to me if we were being consistent that should have been your next question.

Democrats need to stop turning victims into props for their pointless, empty narratives, by feeding them false premises or making empty promises.   And somewhere in New Hampshire there are some smirking Democrats who only care about using people like Erica Lafferty to advance their own political fortunes.

It’s disgusting and cruel.

And the band keeps playing…

Scarborough said, “We’ve been looking at the polls, and Ayotte is down, of course.” He continued, “You look at Pat Toomey [R-PA], and [he’s] up 7 percentage points in his home state.”

No…actually, she’s not.  She’s doing just fine.