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A thought from watching Meet The Press’s host, liberal David Gregory

  • I normally DVR the Sunday talking head shows to watch them when it is convenient for me
  • Today was the “convenient for me” as I had other things to do in the morning and then met with some of the Groksters in the evening as we got together for a “shoot & yak” time

Sidenote:  Hey, ‘Grok readers!  If we were to do this again, would you want to come and join in the range time and the politics / cultural / misc. discussion (er, the latter lasted much longer than what I originally told TMEW – her response as I headed north to home on the phone was “and you thought I thought it would be otherwise??” (with a wee smile in her voice)

So I am just watching them now.  A couple of takeaways from watching David Gregory:

  • True to form, he definitely fits Glenn Reynold’s (Instapundit) description of almost all of the media pundits nowadays: Democrat operatives that have media bylines.

  • In hectoring Wayne LaPierre of the NRA on Meet The Press, on what basis does David Gregory believe that IF, if only IF, Adam Lanza only had 10 round magazines when he went into Sandy Hook Elementary School, he would have not killed all those kids?  What was his fixation that the ONLY solution he was willing to get an Obama type concession from LaPierre was “yes, we can do away high capacity magazines”?  To the point of doing something that is illegal in DC and doing it on national TV – waving an AR-15 30 round mag in LaPierre’s face.  If *I* did that, I’m quite sure I would be in the clinker waiting to serve out my 1 year mandatory year with my new roommate, Bubba, in my new “steel bar” decor room.  But back to the question / issue that has gone unasked:

Let’s see, Lanza killed all of the adults FIRST (in the office and then the teacher).  Now, if he had been  forced into changing mags more often because of a reduced capacity, please explain this to me: Do the gun grabbing Liberals and “if there no guns there would be no violence” Utopians really believe that the kindergarteners and the first graderswould have been able to stop him from reloading?

MAYBE that might be true in a high school but would be less true in a junior high school.  So with all of his hectoring, Gregory was merely demagogueing a liberal fantasy as seen from a practical standpoint.

It has also come out, even as he he pompously sat in that chair across from LaPierre all but calling him crazy for the NRA’s call to secure schools with armed first responders (which 1/3 of all public schools do already), his kids go to a private school where there are, indeed, armed secruity people protecting HIS kids.

Hypocrit.  Fine for me, but you “unwashed masses”?  Screw you as my Progressive agenda (dearming the US) comes before the safety of your kids in school.

The real reason for the emphasis on the magazine capacity on the part of the pundits, IMHO, is to get that first concession – and just like with so many other issues, once that first step is taken, under the guise of “common sense” and in “a sense of compromise” (which pretty much often only goes one way), the next one comes up quickly.  And the next, and the next.  When do they do the reverse?

Actions speak louder than words:

Gun smake us less safe

After all, we are supposed to be equal – why does Obama or many OTHER politicians believe they need “gun protection” and yet , are starting the process to taking that away from the rest of us “little people” (a la NY Gov Cuomo and US Senator Diane FeinStein)?