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Sober Talk From New Hampshire Democrats on Assault Weapons?

Oh No Guns....and magazines...and ammoThe Union Leader has an editorial out this morning that quotes some members of New Hampshire Democrat leadership as tip-toeing around the current wave of rhetoric and discussion on what to do about guns.

Instead, they are asking what are probably important questions about mental health services but I suspect that their interest here is more about using Newtown as a way to grow the state budget…for mental health.  Rolling back the right to self defense is not necessarily the quickest route to more government and it is important to keep your eyes on the prize.

State Senate Democrat Sylvia Larsen, however, is reported as wanting to take a more aggressive approach on guns.  She is all in on an assault on assault weapon and would like to roll back stand your ground laws, and restrict carry rights in the State House.  So perhaps this would be a good time to ask?  Do you wait for the assailant to change clips before you draw your weapon (assuming you are permitted to have it with you) or are you just supposed to run away and hope their aim stinks?