Zandra "Rice-Out-Of-State-Palooza" Hawkins - Granite Grok

Zandra “Rice-Out-Of-State-Palooza” Hawkins

Out of State funded, Colorado Model, intrusive Democrat Agenda-thumper Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress, is a progressive mole, and paid lobbyist, planted by the out of state agenda-mill Progress Now to operate as a “local” left wing propaganda machine.  (Progress Now is an extension or partner with Democracy Alliance   both of which are funded by politically connected liberal millionaires none of whom are from or live in New Hampshire).

Out-of-state-funded-So-called in-state activist Hawkins latest event featured out of state parents whose children were tragically killed in a different state from ours,  so that they could come here and tell our US Senator (Kelly Ayotte) how she should vote.

Hawkins might want to recall that she has been known to complain publicly about the affects of out of state influence on “Local” New Hampshire politics even while she is simultaneously using out of state influence to affect New Hampshire politics.

Zandra might also want take note that while Senator Ayotte is a US Senator, she is New Hampshire’s Senator not Connecticut’s.  She is supposed to vote for the interests of Granite State residents.  In fact, we send her there to protect us from national actions that are not in our states best interests.  That’s New Hampshire.  Where we consistently have the lowest homicide rates and crime rates in the nation.


If Zandra would like to take her show on the road, along with the Connecticut citizens, back to their Connecticut Senators, to talk to the Connecticut press, about what kind of additional background checks for gun purchases Connecticut might want to institute, to address the concerns of Connecticut citizens, regarding the criminal acts of other Connecticut Citizens, by all means go.  Federalism exists to allow Connecticut to pass all kinds of laws it feels it needs….and the Obama White House and DOJ will never even blink.  They may even showcase the state as a model for others and the nation.

Most of the other states will not follow Connecticut’s lead on this particular issue but that should not in any way deter you from going down there to set an example.  If it is that important to you Zandra, by all means, go to Connecticut.

In fact, stay there.  They’ve got almost everything an out of state funded progressive like you could want.  High taxes, gambling “revenue” that didn’t reduce property taxes or even lower the overall tax burden, higher taxes, heavily regulated, much bigger budget, and lots of gun laws and background checks, already in place, allowing you to spend your (still) out of state time and money on other things that don’t make sense or don’t work as advertised (for Connecticut) like alternative energy schemes, plastic bag bans, or how about more background checks on law abiding gun owners in Connecticut.  That’s what you’re after, right?