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North Country Writer Points to Springfield MA Casino As Proof Of Something…

by Steve MacDonald August 20, 2018

A north country writer made the case today, in the Union Leader, that the opening of a new Casino in Springfield, Massachusetts is proof that the casino market is not oversaturated in New England. I spoke with someone who has lived most of their life around Springfield with deep ties to the community, and the local […]

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Josh Moore: The Culture War

by Op-Ed August 16, 2018

It has been my honor to serve as State Representative of the beautiful town of Merrimack for the last four years. During that time I served on the house education committee. I fought for the rights of parents in education, choice for all children, and for the teaching of civics to be a priority in […]

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Ranking Numbers Improve But Position Remains the Same

by Steve MacDonald August 16, 2018

If I may take a moment of your time for a quick update. In the past month, GraniteGrok’s Alexa numbers have improved. Our National numbers are better, and our global numbers took a healthy leap in the right direction. But we did not advance in our list of statewide internet media portals. Of the fourteen sites […]

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A Reminder of Why We Need to Fight New Hampshire’s Many Cartels

by Steve MacDonald August 13, 2018

New Hampshire has some obscene licensing rules that increase costs and prohibit or at least limit competition. Everyone agrees, except the cartel owners, and we’ve seen minor improvements in recent years. But we could do a lot better. So, I’m wondering if there’s leverage to be found in recent rulings against taxi cartels that deny them […]

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Money Man Behind Marsy’s Law Busted for Possession and Alleged Drug Trafficking

by Steve MacDonald August 11, 2018

Henry Nicholas III dumped a small fortune into the pockets of lawyers and lobbyists in New Hampshire to hoist his proposed constitutional amendment (CACR22) on the Granite State. Commonly known as Marsy’s Law, it rolled into the state with bipartisan backing and a governor eager to sign it. At least until the activist community peeled back […]

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Eddie Edwards – Excerpt From Remarks at an Aug. 9th, House Party

by Steve MacDonald August 10, 2018

I had the opportunity to capture some video at a House Party for Eddie Edwards. He is running for Congress in NH congressional district one. I did run into a few issues and not just with the lighting. Some of the video was inaccessible after the fact. Some is just missing, even though the device was […]

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New Hampshire is Too White and ‘Experts’ Want to Fix It.

by Steve MacDonald July 29, 2018

New Hampshire, at 94%, is the third ‘whitest’ state demographically in the country. We’re one percent more diverse, according to the people who define such things, than Maine and the People’s Republic of Vermont. The Granite State’s ‘experts’ are gathering to confer on how to fix that. Why?

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The special session on Internet sales tax: “Why should NH grow its government without clear reason?”

by Op-Ed July 28, 2018

By Marc Abear, State Representative Belknap County District 2 (Meredith) You deserve an explanation of what happened in the legislature this week. What has been in the papers is a lot of political posturing. Let me help you filter the noise from the message. The Governor requested and the Executive Council authorized a special session of […]

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Granite Grok Passes the Keene Sentinel – Time to Go After The Conway Daily Sun

by Steve MacDonald July 22, 2018

In our ongoing quest to build our reach and ranking as a top-five New Media presence in New Hampshire, I’m proud to announce that Alexa shows us climbing past the Keene Sentinel to the number seven spot in our watchlist. This is great news because seeing increased traffic in the heat of summer is an excellent indicator […]

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Bill Charges States Who Try To Tell New Hampshire Businesses To Collect Their Taxes

by Steve MacDonald July 21, 2018

If you are one of those 45 states that are not New Hampshire that may ask a business based here (with no presence there) to collect your sales taxes for you prepare to pay the price. Literally. For starters, any taxing jurisdiction, before they can approach a New Hampshire business and say, “I think you have […]

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Picking “Internet” Nits…

by Steve MacDonald July 20, 2018

A legislative committee met to iron out a remedy to the Wayfair Decision. That Supreme Court ruling could require New Hampshire businesses to collect and remit taxes for other states. No one, regardless of party, seems to want that at least and until New Hampshire Democrats find a way to institute a tax they could […]

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A Short Primer on Socialism vs Democratic Socialism

by Tom July 16, 2018

This is everything you need to know: As Skip and Steve so insightfully told us, they both lead to the same ugly, painful result, taking only slightly different paths.

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Memorandum of Law Supra

by Ed Naile July 14, 2018

To: New Hampshire State Supreme Court From: Coalition of NH Taxpayers Chairman, Ed Naile 8 North Main St. Concord, NH 03301 Re: Court Review of NH Election Law Legislation Date: May 29, 2018 M E M O R A N D U M O F L A W Statement of Facts: New Hampshire has a […]

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Democrats are Still Colluding With Out-of-State Voters to Steal NH Elections

by Steve MacDonald July 14, 2018

The State Supreme Court has ruled (in its analysis of HB1264, which the governor then signed yesterday) that out-of-state college students do not have more rights than actual citizens of New Hampshire. They are not entitled to a special exclusion from the responsibilities actual residents accept including registering vehicles in the Granite State or obtaining a […]

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Use An Out of State License to Vote? We Punch a Hole In It!

by Ed Naile July 13, 2018

The circular logic New Hampshire courts use to let unqualified out-of-state residents vote in our state goes on and on. In 2012 a Superior Court judge, now retired because he let other stupid opinions he had about female attorneys be known, issued an injunction against an attempt by the NH Legislature to stop out-out-state voters […]

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GrokPoll: Abortion in New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald July 6, 2018

How much support is there for abortion in New Hampshire? Democrats want us to believe that the majority of Granite Stater’s support the practice. Gubernatorial Candidate Steve “Take another Step to the Left” Marchand is convinced of this. Elsewhere I’ve seen more nuanced responses. Most of the folks I know are committed to protecting pre-born life […]

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Do New Hampshire Democrats “Hate” The Poor or Are They Just Evil?

by Steve MacDonald July 5, 2018

I use the word hate in my title in the context in which it would be used by Democrats were Republicans engaged in some advertised priority they had spun as doing damage to some “protected” class of persons. In this case, the object of the Left’s abuse is The Poor™ (often referred to inaccurately as […]

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Chris Sununu’s New Hampshire Survey

by Steve MacDonald July 3, 2018

Governor Sununu would like your input. To collect it he has an online survey. Perhaps you already received the link via email? If not you can take the Survey Here. So what sort of questions will you find? Here’s a sample.

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Grok Poll: Amend the NH Constitution to Get the Courts Out of Education Funding?

by Steve MacDonald July 1, 2018

SeacoastOnline reports that New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu would support an effort to get the courts out of the educational funding morass. “The only way to undo (the current system) is a constitutional amendment, which I would fight for any day of the week – as soon as we get a Legislature that will actually […]

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Dem Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Marchand Wants to Make NH A Sanctuary State

by Steve MacDonald June 28, 2018

Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Marchand has read the fair-trade responsibly sourced liberal tea leaves. Advocating Far-Left ideas wins Democrat primaries. To that end, he’s decided to share his plan for making New Hampshire into a sanctuary state. Keep in mind that it is the Sanctuary Status of Lawrence, Massachusetts that makes it the epicenter of […]

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Electricity Supply Rate Costs in New Hampshire to Increase 19%

by Steve MacDonald June 24, 2018

The State Public Utilities Commission has approved a request by Eversource for a 19.1% hike in energy supply charges, according to the Union Leader. The Public Utilities Commission approved the supply charge to go up from the current 7.903 cents per kilowatt hour to 9.412 cents. This is a direct pass-through for the price of […]

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Liberal NextGen Dumps “Steyer-Youth” Group And Pile of Cash on New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald June 21, 2018

I’d like to check the pulse of the “money-out-of-politics” crowd, mostly far-left progressives, on Billionaire Tom Steyer starting up another NextGen political money laundering operation in New Hampshire. I predict a flatline. No outrage. No protests. No complaints of any kind about the California Billionaire dumping another $30 million into state politics, $750,000.00 right here […]

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As Grok Prepares To Take it to the Next Level It’s Time to See Where We Rank With Alexa

by Steve MacDonald June 18, 2018

Before we were hacked in April GraniteGrok climbed up the Alexa Rankings (for Online news or media sites in New Hampshire) to do battle with the top 5. The redirect did some damage to that, and we almost dropped out of the top ten. That was not great, and we’ve written about the redirects that plagued readers, but […]

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Governor Sununu to NH Women: Shut Up and Sit Down

by Kimberly Morin June 8, 2018

Today, Republican Governor Chris Sununu decided to stand with an out-of-state multi-millionaire rather than New Hampshire women when he signed House Bill 1319 (HB 1319), aka the ‘Gender Identity’ bill. This, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Granite Staters asked him to veto the legislation after demanding the legislation be killed in the […]

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New Hampshire Economy Sets Records for Employment and Labor Force Participation

by Steve MacDonald June 6, 2018

Last week some Democrat stooge was on the radio badmouthing Governor Sununu on the economy and workers and families and wages (insert dancing donkey in a top hat), but she did it without actually saying anything. It was all empty rhetoric. Palm card pablum. Yes, I have plenty of issues with Chris Sununu’s “priorities.” I […]

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Eric Holder Flips on Out-Of-State Student License and Vehicle Registration Comments.

by Steve MacDonald June 3, 2018

From the Concord Monitor. Mr. Holder Clarifies his clarification. “My comments were intended to support the right of domiciled students to vote in the state of New Hampshire as long as they comply with existing law,” Holder said. “In no way should they be viewed as supporting any proposal that would make it harder for […]

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Eric Holder: Out-Of-State Students Should Get a NH Driver’s License

by Steve MacDonald June 2, 2018

Speaking to Democrats at Saint Anselm College on Friday, Former US Attorney General Eric Holder said Students who want to vote in New Hampshire get a NH Driver’ License and register their cars. “If you are gonna be considered a resident of this state so you can vote, that means that you have to follow all the […]

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Remember That Drought Thing We had That Was the End of the World?

by Steve MacDonald May 27, 2018

As we rambled through and out of the final year of Obama’s presidency, New Hampshire had a drier than usual year. By drier I mean (Southern New Hampshire) ranked 23rd for precipitation out of 124 years in the Granite State sample. The great Global Warming drought of 2015/2016-2017 (MAY-APRIL) was 4.80 inches below the mean. For contrast, […]

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NH Forest Rangers Want to Check Your Wood

by Steve MacDonald May 24, 2018

People who pay attention to such things are predicting a record Memorial Day Weekend for tourism in New Hampshire. Not that this is anything new. The Granite State has experienced year after year of tourism growth in contradiction to more than a decade of fearmongering by Climate Cultists that global warming would ruin the industry. So, a note […]

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‘It’s Now Okay For a Man to Hit a Woman.’ Thanks Governor Sununu

by Kimberly Morin May 24, 2018

Republican Governor Chris Sununu plans to sign the ‘Gender Identity’ bill into law. Clearly, he thinks a biological man bashing a biological woman’s face in is OKAY.

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