New Hampshire

‘Settle for Hillary’

by Kimberly Morin February 8, 2016

Apparently at an event in Hudson, New Hampshire someone had a  sense of humor and wore a shirt that says ‘Settle for Hillary.’ Unfortunately for Democrats, this is the sad, pathetic truth. They can thank the Democrat Party for that.

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Observations of a Trump Rally in New Hampshire

by Kimberly Morin February 5, 2016

Last night Donald Trump held a rally at Great Bay Community College in Portsmouth. The rally was held in the gymnasium with ticket check and a full Secret Service search to get in the door. The press area took up almost half of the gym but the rest of the area filled up with people […]

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EMBARRASSING: Scott Brown endorses Donald Trump

by Kimberly Morin February 3, 2016

Last night at a Milford, New Hampshire rally, Scott Brown (former Massachusetts Senator) endorsed Presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump claimed that a lot of candidates were seeking Brown’s endorsement but it seems he doesn’t know much about Brown’s history in the Granite State or even Massachusetts for that matter.

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Kasich admits to shoving Medicaid Expansion through Ohio without legislature

by Kimberly Morin February 3, 2016

Today Presidential candidate John Kasich (R-Ohio) gave a town hall at a VFW in Raymond, New Hampshire. It was a small event where Kasich opened up almost immediately for questions although he started the event talking a little about what he has done. One of the things he mentioned was that he works with people. […]

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Off To The BIG House Party?

by Ed Naile February 2, 2016

  Feel the Bern ! Ah, the good old days. Every campaign starts out fresh and clean. You meet Mom and Pop, kiss a few babies, and choke down another croissant smeared with something. Then there are the house parties every candidate loves to attend. The crowds pour out of someone’s front porch or living […]

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EXPOSED: Kasich’s LIES about Medicaid Expansion in Ohio

by Kimberly Morin February 2, 2016

  RUN New Hampshire… RUN as fast as you can away from this charlatan.

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Perverse Tax Incentives

by Steve MacDonald February 1, 2016
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In part II of our conversation with Emily Sandblade and Susan Olsen we discuss the perverse tax incentives behind expanding Medicaid in NH, like how it will favor residents who work outside the state over those who stay and work in New Hampshire. (Part I) (Full broadcast)

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The Cost of Medicaid Expansion in NH

by Steve MacDonald January 31, 2016
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As Republicans advance Medicaid expansion in NH local activists have developed an online tool to show taxpayers just how expensive this will get, even IF the Feds keep their funding promise. (2016-01-30 Segment 1a)

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Addicted to ‘Something’ in New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald January 30, 2016
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By special request, this is a (just under 3 minute) monologue I recorded in place of a top-of-the-hour news read. It is on the expansion of Medicaid in New Hampshire (the re-authorization theater), the state’s “Heroin epidemic,” and inspired by the great works of Theodore Dalrymple on opiate addiction and the bureaucracy. .

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New Hampshire’s Medicaid Expansion fraud: Granite Staters will pay the price

by Kimberly Morin January 29, 2016

Yesterday the New Hampshire House Health and Human Services Committee held a public hearing on re-authorizing Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion (they renamed it to the Health Protection Plan because a majority of Granite Staters disapprove of Obamacare). The hearing was to discuss House Bill 1696 which re-authorizes Medicaid Expansion through 2020. The original plan was supposed […]

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by Steve MacDonald January 28, 2016
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SATURDAY SIGN WAVE for TED CRUZ Jan. 30th from 11:00 to 2:00 @ the DERRY CIRCLE.  

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No Warming Trend in My Corner of NH

by Steve MacDonald January 27, 2016
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My electric bill has the average monthly temperate on it. It actually has last years average monthly temperature and this year’s. I have at least 7 year’s worth of this data available to me.  So I collected it, generated an annual average temperature for each year, and plotted it out above. Based on this data […]

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Interview: Dr. McCaughey to NH – Medicaid Expansion will bankrupt your state

by Kimberly Morin January 24, 2016

Yesterday during the First In The Nation (FITN) Town Hall, Dr. Betsy McCaughey, former Lieutenant Governor of New York, spoke to attendees about Obamacare. She has long been a vocal opponent to the massive regulations that have hurt Americans’ healthcare across the country. Not only did McCaughey speak to the crowd but she also sat […]

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Senator Jeanne Shaheen Hands NH Republicans A Free Pass on Everything, Ever

by Steve MacDonald January 23, 2016
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New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen has a problem. She has just made it very difficult for State Democrat Party Chair Ray Buckley, the entire NH Democrat party, and all of its candidates, to use anything any Republican has ever done in the past against them, ever. When confronted by MSNBC about candidate Hillary Clinton’s lavish […]

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Cruzin To Victory At Exeter Town Hall

by Mike January 20, 2016

GrokTV on location – Ted Cruz’ bus tour stopped at the historic Exeter Town Hall where Lincoln spoke in 1860 Ted Cruz’ NH “Cruzin to Victory” bus tour came to Exeter’s historic town hall this morning, where he gave a rousing performance – this campaign has certainly honed his skills! First, introductions by Bill O’Brien […]

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Earl Metzler Tries to Get Mesa-Tejada Investigated For Criminal Intent – Fails

by Steve MacDonald January 20, 2016

Metzler – German (Middle Rhineland): occupational name for a butcher, from Latin macellarius ‘dealer in meat’, from macellum ‘stall (at a market)’, ‘meat market’. SAU 55 superintendent Earl Metzler likes to destroy people. He’s incredibly intolerant, will waste taxpayer dollars on pointless court cases, and is known for calling the police on anyone who dares to challenge him at […]

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Guest Post by Radical Moderate: The Great Fire Sale

by Skip January 18, 2016

The recent flood of illegal migrants currently inundating Europe continues to be one of the most horrific and misunderstood events of our time. This merciless attack upon Western Civilization has been unleashed on an unsuspecting European populace and continues to leave chaos and destruction in its wake. Though there is much coverage of the ‘effects’ […]

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Trump isn’t a ‘Regular Joe’ but he’s Convinced some Americans Otherwise

by Kimberly Morin January 11, 2016

Trump was brought up in wealth and has lived his entire lifetime in wealth. There’s nothing wrong with that. His Father worked hard; he worked hard and now his kids work hard. They are indeed part of the ‘evil 1%.’ But many of his supporters seem to think he is just a ‘Regular Joe’ when […]

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Carson NH PAC Staff Leaves Carson for Cruz

by Steve MacDonald January 11, 2016
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WMUR | MANCHESTER, N.H. —All five paid New Hampshire staffers at the pro-Ben Carson 2016 Committee super PAC quit their posts on Sunday to become volunteers for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, has learned. Jerry Sickles of Keene, the spokesman for the staff, said he and the other four staffers recently came to […]

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Life, Liberty, And Property: Civil Forfeiture in New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald January 6, 2016
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Next Tuesday, January 12th, there is an event at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester; Life, Liberty, And Property: Civil Forfeiture in New Hampshire. The event moderator is Jon Stossel. The panelists are Giles Bissonnette, Brad Cates, Robert A. Picolla, and Vikrant Reddy. There is a reception following the panel discussion. The topic is civil asset forfeiture. Is civil […]

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Save The Bile, I’m Busy

by Ed Naile January 4, 2016

Here it comes, my least favorite part of the New Hampshire Primary. We have a short time left until ballots are marked. Everyone who was ever going to get in is in and some have bowed out. Here comes the phase where some candidate’s supporters feel that the best way to sell their favorite candidate, […]

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Rape survivor and victim advocate calls out Hillary Clinton in Derry

by Kimberly Morin January 3, 2016

Today during a Derry, New Hampshire event for Hillary Clinton there was a bit of a stir. When it came time to ask questions, Clinton completely ignored a woman standing near the front row. Since it was clear that Clinton wasn’t going to answer her question, the Derry woman and victim advocate, Katherine Prudhomme O’Brien, […]

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Free the Nipple but not Free to Carry. The Udder Hypocrisy of an FTN Activist

by Kimberly Morin December 31, 2015

There’s a case ongoing in the courts in New Hampshire about women who want to be able to go topless.  They believe it’s their Constitutional right to do so. They are known as the ‘Free The Nipple’ (FTN) crowd.

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Bill ‘serial sexual assaulter’ Clinton to stump for victimizer wife Hillary

by Kimberly Morin December 29, 2015

Yesterday it was announced that former President Bill Clinton, accused by multiple women of sexual assault and rape, will be stumping in Exeter and Nashua on January 4th for his wife. Apparently Hillary Clinton isn’t doing so great against Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire polling so she wants to bring in a Democrat that many still […]

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Christmas Eve Dinner: An Interesting Discussion with Democrats about Clinton

by Kimberly Morin December 27, 2015

Believe it or not I don’t ever bring up politics over holiday dinners. It’s one of the few times I get to escape politics and I enjoy it. My hubby and brothers-in-law; however, don’t feel the same way.

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Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Christie, Bush, Kasich

by Steve MacDonald December 18, 2015
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The Boston Herald has a New Hampshire primary poll out this morning (post-debate). Trump 26, Cruz 12, Rubio 12, Christie 11, Bush 10,  Kasich 8, Fiorina 6, Carson 5, Paul 3, … Observations on the NH numbers: Fiorina and Carson continue to slide while Donald Trump maintains a stranglehold on first.  The next position is […]

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NH Democrat Chair and Sexist Pig Ray Buckley Embarrasses Himself AGAIN

by Kimberly Morin December 17, 2015

Tonight Dan Innis, Republican candidate in NH District 01 tweeted a story I wrote when he ran last election. #TBT#nhpolitics#NH01 — Dan Innis 4 Congress (@daninnis) December 18, 2015

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Study: New Hampshire is one of the ‘safest places on planet earth’

by Kimberly Morin December 17, 2015

On Tuesday, The Mises Institute reported on a study from Pew Research that looked at the homicide rate in the United States. Ironically this report comes out the day after out-of-state gun control lobbyist Mark Kelly was in New Hampshire pushing for more gun control laws. The study looked at the homicide rate in the […]

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Mark Kelly admits to pushing gun control in NH for political gain

by Kimberly Morin December 16, 2015

Yesterday as Mark Kelly, while paid gun control lobbyist for Americans for Responsible Solutions, pushed a new organization in one of the safest states in the country, the truth came out. During an interview with WMUR, Kelly admitted that the reason they are shoving gun control down the throats of Granite Staters is all for […]

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Mark Kelly pushes new gun control group in NH while lying about gun stats

by Kimberly Morin December 15, 2015

Today a new organization formed by gun control lobbyist Mark Kelly of Americans for Responsible Solutions was in New Hampshire announcing their coalition – Granite State Solutions for Common Sense. Not only was Kelly hocking this new organization formed by paid gun control lobbyists but he blatantly lied about gun deaths due to violence in […]

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