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Remember the “Summer of Recovery?” Trump Finally Delivered

Weekend with Bernie By Richard RamirezRemember the ‘Summer of Recovery?’ It became an annual “festival” celebrated by the media, and the left each and every season after the elevation of his majestic almighty greatness Obama I. Every summer henceforth shall be named recovery summer. We should have coined a catchy mysterious tagline like “Summer is coming.” But recovery summer never came.

Then we elected Donald Trump, and it finally arrived and in record fashion.

It only seems appropriate that on Labor Day, the “official” end of summer, that we celebrate the first true recovery summer.

Before summer even started the department of labor announced record low Black unemployment.

Black unemployment fell precipitously to 5.9 percent after a record-setting low of 6.6 percent the previous month, while unemployment for white workers dropped from 3.6 to 3.5 percent.

The media mostly ignored it. They are also ignoring how Trump’s support among African-Americans is climbing to levels that should frighten the Left.

Next up, the state of New Hampshire has reached record levels of both jobs filled and labor participation.

The latest data from the State Department of Employment Security pegs Labor Force Participation at 781,031. It has never been that high, ever.

The number of employed persons is 730,630. It has never been that high. Ever.

New Hampshire Repulicans can take credit for that as much as Congressional Republicans but the important thing to remember is that Democrats opposed the tax cuts and jobs act. They opposed tax cuts in New Hampshire. And they have promised to roll them back locally and nationally. To raise taxes. Why? They don’t really care about black unemployment or jobs or recovery. They want more government, more often, regardless of the cost to you or your family, no matter what color you are.

The Democrats don’t care. Don’t believe me? Check the New Hampshire Democrat Congressional All Gurl delegation web pages. You will find nothing about Black unemployment hitting a record low, nor about Hispanic job numbers reaching record territory as well. 

In June 2018, Hispanic-Latino unemployment (ages 16 and up) reached an all-time low of 4.6 percent. The lowest since records were kept. And this isn’t just a one-month thing.

During the 17 full months of the Trump administration, beginning in February 2017, Hispanic-Latino unemployment has averaged 5.0%.

Tired of winning yet? Don’t be, we are not done. During Trump’s Summer of Recovery, Youth unemployment dropped into record territory as well. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday that the unemployment rate for 16 to 24-year-olds had dropped to 9.2% in July, from 9.6% in July of 2018. That marks the lowest summer youth unemployment rate since 1966.

Don’t fret Obama fans. Barry-O probably had record welfare, food stamp, and Medicaid participation. And while we never got those good green jobs we were promised (which New Hampshire Democrats and too many Republicans are hoping to resuscitate locally by overriding Gov. Sununu’s veto of a pair of green energy welfare bills) we did manage to redirect hundreds of millions of dollars from one set of pockets to another to prop something up that can’t create jobs on its own.

That’s what Democrat policies do, even when Republicans support them. That is why they never create any sort of actual recovery. They act as a drag or an anchor on real productivity by redistributing the poductivity of others into a bottomless hole.

So, while we won’t reap the “economic benefits” of funempoymnet as prophesied by Nancy Pelosi and others, we will reap the rewards of American’s doing productive things that need doing which includes not sucking resources away from other productive people.

That will lead to something called recovery winter, spring, summer and fall. As in the Fall of the Democrat party from grace, if there any room left to call that falling.