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Bet You Didn’t Know – Black Unemployment Hit a Record Low In May

we're hiring jobs employmentLast Month, in April of 2018, the unemployment rate for black Americans hit a record low. You probably didn’t know that for the same reason you didn’t know this.

Black unemployment fell precipitously to 5.9 percent after a record-setting low of 6.6 percent the previous month, while unemployment for white workers dropped from 3.6 to 3.5 percent.

Overall unemployment, according to the Department of labor, dropped to 3.8%, the lowest it’s been since Y2K.

Here in New Hampshire, the Dunkin Donuts across the street is offering 200.00 dollar hiring bonuses and up to $12.00/hour for new hires, no Democrat wage legislation gymnastics required.

Free market supply and demand.

Okay, so working at Dunkin Donuts is not exactly a skilled position, though depending on how you get your coffee it might be. But there are a lot of jobs available for skilled workers, and that’s great. That means there are a lot of those good-paying jobs those Democrats claim they can create.

Sadly, their (everyone must go to) universities are cranking out debt-ridden dolts with degrees in left-handed albino lesbian gender studies.

Sure, Starbucks could hire a few, most of them low-wage baristas interested in asking you about race, or maybe Progressive Insurance, Hormel, or even Dunkin Donuts (which is also run by a liberal shill). They probably have a corporate mission with a few open slots for Social Justice trouble-makers, but only a few.

Progressive NGO’s, so-called advocacy groups, and Democrat campaigns (most of whom couldn’t find a good-paying job if you paid them) could absorb a number of these credentialed professional grievance mongers. But out in the real world employers give good paying jobs to people with productive skills. Not cry-baby pot-stirrers with McCarthyesque bias-behind-every-cubical-wall-non-stop-manufactured-outrage.

That creates a problem. We have good jobs but not enough able bodies to collect the wages available.

Just like the Dunkin Donuts, wages rise based on demand. Employers will pay more to attract the talent needed. But when there is no talent, thosands of new jobs go unfilled. Wages can’t rise when wages can’t be paid.

This suppresses growth because limitations to productivity prevent it.

Democrats will tell you this means we need state funding of jobs programs. Conservatives will tell you we need colleges to stop playing with snowflakes and focus on degree programs that meet a real-world need; where “need” is not polluting the workforce with more ax-to-grinding Democrat-socialist community organizers.

Trade schools are a great alternative, and these jobs don’t just pay well they are in huge demand. It’s also preferable to setting $30-50K a year on fire so the white tower can breed another social-justice warrior with skills that even the Dunkin Donuts will avoid.

How sad is that? At least Art majors can ask you “do you want fries with that.”

The job picture is as good as it’s been in decades and people are taking advantage of that.

Want to get more out of it? Stop listening to liberals and go get some job skills on your own or use the ones you have to earn more. Use those to earn or learn new ones. And before you know it you’ll be a rising star in an age of economic growth no matter what color your skin.

America was never about being entitled to anything but equality of opportunity to advance yourself if you are willing to work and learn.

The economy wants you to work and learn. We’ve got the numbers to prove it.

One closing note. Not one of the racially sensitive All Gurl New Hampshre Congressional Delegation has said a word about record low black unemployment, one way or the other. It’s not even on their radar. Nothing.

I told you don’t they don’t care. Politics first, people last.