Mueller Still has Nothing And Mueller is the Proof of That. - Granite Grok

Mueller Still has Nothing And Mueller is the Proof of That.

Robert Mueller’s mandate as special prosecutor is to investigate and prosecute legitimate cases of “collusion” between ‘Russians’ and the Trump Campaign. He has been at it for a few years now and despite the occasional media-friendly announcements of charges or indictments ‘Mueller’ still has nothing.

How do we know this?

After the media feeding frenzy, he hands the cases off to other jurisdictions.

Actual acts of collusion, “if they occurred, would be at the center of Mueller’s jurisdiction.”  That’s from Byron York at the Washington Examiner nine days ago, and it’s a problem (for Mueller, the Media, and the Russian collusion cult) that is beginning to grow legs.

What is going on? I asked a few former federal prosecutors if they saw any messages in Mueller’s move. The takeaway: These aren’t encouraging developments for those longing for a big collusion/conspiracy/coordination indictment from Mueller.

“I think it proves that little if any of what Mueller’s team has generated so far is linked to the special counsel’s mandate,” said Former Prosecutor 1. “Everything that is public so far could, should and typically is handled by either United States Attorney offices of jurisdiction; National Security Division attorneys, or even Criminal Division attorneys at Main Justice.”

“I think Mueller doesn’t have anything on collusion,” said Former Prosecutor 2. “I think we would have seen it. I don’t see anything that looks like there’s a crime lurking — maybe he’s got eight indictments under seal, but to me, it makes no sense. All of this says to me there is no there-there.”

Mueller is charged with prosecuting cases of collusion. When he passes off the so-called dirt he uncovers while there may be a crime it is not tied to his mandate.

Former Prosecutor 3 said the investigations passed off — Cohen and Butina — indicate the subject matter is “outside [Mueller’s] jurisdiction.”

Opponents of Trump have to understand that the longer this goes on, the more likely it is that the roughly 1% of American’s who still give a damn will join the other 99% and wander off that tiny little reservation. That this ‘investigation” is little more than the institutionalization of a Stasi like star chamber into which the ruling class stuffs dissenters who refuse to fall into line.

Not for nothing but Mr. Trump won the office by promising to do away with that sort of swamp-thing. Thinking that its continued publicity will do them any good may be the dumbest thing they’ve done since donning T-shirts that say “Spoiler Alert, Hillary Wins.”