Yet another Teacher makes it known that kids don’t belong to their parents.

The US Left now believes that children belong to the community and not to their parents (the latest really public outburst was by Progressive Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC that I posted here).  A while ago now, I was up in Moultonborough during a School Board meeting and there I saw a first hand account of teachers reinforcing that, believing that they were more important to their students than their parents, and I ended the post with “One is here, in my opinion, that teachers are teaching an attitude to their charges that their parents, by their own words, are to be ignored as they are the ones that are out of touch. Once again, I ask “who work for who”? and another parent saw that same attitude and admonished the School Board that they had a problem to fix:

…the other is parent rights and what I am hearing from the teachers who have spoken is a little bit of contemptuousness for the parents rights.  And I think this is something that the School Board and the School needs to address this because the parents have the right to be there. And they don’t seem to understand that.

And in another post, teachers have made it CLEAR that they hate the whole system entirely – and against most parents’ family teachings to boot.  And “Kids, forget your parents and your God – you only have to listen to me!” (that would be the outlook of  NEA dudette, Diane Schnieder – her actual words included ““Gender identity expression and sexual orientation are a spectrum,” she explained, and said that those opposed to homosexuality “are stuck in a binary box that religion and family create.”).

Well, here’s another example of this same attitude – this time, from the head of the Louisiana biggest teachers union as LA Gov Jindal (R-LA) is actively working to reform the educational system in that state and is much in favor of school choice by parents.  Well, of COURSE, Joyce Haynes is not in favor of this reform that puts parents firmly in charge of their kids education (and relegates teachers to a secondary status):

”There isn’t anything fair about using something like that only against the public schools and then (starting at 1:58) taking our children from us, and sending us where we don’t know what they’re getting.”

Nice attitude.  I liked the parent’s response.