More of That Civility From the Left That We Hear So Much About

by Steve MacDonald

You know you’ve arrived when people send you emails like this one.

Love your posts, hope you and your family get a front row seat at the debut showing of the next Batman Movie.

This is actually a pretty good idea.  If I’m in the front row I’ll probaby have a much clearer shot at the gunman right?

This is, of course, a clever response to my series of posts about a background check bill that New Hampshire has no observable use for, (here, here, here, …there’s more) and the circus like antics–not to mention the lies, props, and heavy use of out of state people and resources,–to affect public opinion about Senator Kelly Ayotte’s vote on the “more background checks for law abiding citizens that will never stop a single criminal” bill.

This anonymous email-er is not much different than the rest of the fascist hate-slingers wielding verbal abuse as intimidation (and let’s be honest, bullying) in an effort to shut people up.  And as if wishing death on a family of five with children in it is not “uncivil enough,” is familiar with other words not often associated with polite conversation.

Language alert!

Tancredo=shit (link)

From: oldbat [] Sent: Friday, February 05, 2010 6:12 PM
Subject: Tancredo=shit

Just heard sound bites from your address at the tea bagger convention. You are certainly one big racist piece of shit.  Since you spout all this shit you might as fully immerse your ignorant self in it.

“…might as fully immerse your ignorant self in it.”  Geniuses don’t need to use all the parts of speech to make their point.  (I ought to know.)

As far as disposable addresses go oldbat89 is not as prolific (using that particular handle) as some.  The above is from 2010 so that would be the ‘old Civility’ of the left, not to be confused with the new…

Here’s another nice one in a thread at WashPo.

3/10/2013 5:37 PM EDT

Spoken like a true Koch sucker.


So this is clearly a weapon that is only unsheathed when they intend to use it.  Bully for you oldbat.  Keep up the intolerance and incivility.  You are a credit to your worldview.  But you might want to step up your game.  You’ve got competition.

We’ve also had some remarks from someone who goes by carlee87, who likes to call people retards, faggots, and pieces of sh!t.  Just find her in the Disqus stream and look at her comment history.  Warning.  Not suitable for children.

Other progressive remarks, from the inclusive, open-minded, and diversity loving left include a manifold of observations about inferior intelligence, references to putting my head in direct contact with my large colon, and other creative remarks of a less than…civil nature.

Most of these comments come from people around the country who feel relatively certain that we wont track them down and write an endless stream of embarrassing blogs about them.  Actually.  I’m giving them too much credit.  People who anonymously curse and insult you are more like the foul mothed tweens who cluster to on-line multi-player gaming forums and endlessly swear while announcing how often they have had intercourse with your mother.  (I have teenage sons, two of whom oldbat89 has wished death upon, who have stopped using those to get away from the offnsive little beasties)

If you are so proud of your oppostion the least thing you crass, epithet hurling cowards could do is use your own name, right?  Or are you just looking for aa cheap thrill. ” Ha ha, I just called that sh!t head a retard and faggot. I’m so cool.”

Why is it that the oh-so tolerant left is so loose with terms like faggot and retard?  They are all hypocrites.  And you have to admit – it does contradict the party rhetoric.

And if any of you actually think we find any of this the least bit intimidating…sorry.  Not going to happen.

But don’t let your inbility to speak for yourself stop you from being the craven cowards that you are.  By all means, keep the love coming our way.  If nothing else we’ll get a good laugh and a blog or two out of it before we’re done.

Closing Note to oldbat89: New Hampshire is not a gun free zone, which is why we consistantlyhave one of the lowest homicide rates and crime rates in the nation, year after year after year, after year…  The perp in the theater would be lucky to get off more than one or two shots before people proud of their right to self-defense, and well trained in the art, put the bastard down.


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