So Every New Hampshire Democrat Will Be Running on Background Checks in 2014?

by Steve MacDonald

The New Hampshire Democrat party is all-in on their background-check thing.  They’ve got out of state money, out of state influence, out of state victims as props… So I guess this is pretty important to New Hampshire Democrats then?  And to hear them talk, it is mighty important to New Hampshire citizens as well.  Or is that just talk?

Can we expect every Democrat in the state at every level run for reelection on this issue?  Will every New Hampshire Democrat running for office  in 2014 put background checks at the top of every palm cards, flyer, mailer, and campaign web-site?

If New Hampshire citizens are behind this idea to the degree that New Hampshire Democrats claim, (just ask them, ‘everyone is talking about it’), then you’ll be running strongly on this issue, in all 400 house races, and all 24 state Senate races, the Governors race, plus the US Senate and Congressional races?

Will New Hampshire Democrats be telling every voter in the state that they are too stupid to make an informed choice about whom they might personally sell or give their gun too?  (We already have background checks for gun sales at stores.)

Even though we have some very loose gun laws and just happen to be one of the safest states in the country, with one of the lowest crime rates year after years, Democrat candidates will be providing us with a long list of gun crimes and victims of personal sales of firearms in our state?   You’ll be passing that around so we can see it, yes?  We’d like to see that now, actually.  That would really help your cause.

And since this is such a big deal, and so important for New Hampshire, we’ll be able to consult the piles of Democrat issued legislative service requests and or bills in the State legislature next session to address this pressing and desperate need, in the run up to the 2014 elections?


So, every Democrat for elected office in New Hampshire will be running on passing stricter background checks and writing laws to pass them in state, right?


I dare you to do it.  I Dare you.

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  • jd

    At yesterday’s Ayotte town hall meeting in Fitzwilliam one gentleman held a sign that read: “If you are not a New Hampshire resident, please don’t bother coming inside the hall.”
    An excellent suggestion, indeed.

  • Kelly Ayotte is not up for re-election till 2016. Unless she runs for Governor, which is unlikely but not impossible, the 2014 election won’t be about her.

    • allen

      as if this is about re-elections. this is about rights, timmy, and hoplophobes trying to infect the law with their mental disorders.

    • granitegrok

      If that is true, why are all the Dems busting their veins in attacking her?

      Or is this the normal “go straight past argument, discourse, yelling” to “personally villifying and destruction” job?

    • Don

      No, but Jeanne Shaheen is. Looking forward to working with my 2nd Amendment supporting friends in the Democratic party next year. 🙂

    • Gunther Sanderson

      Timothy…Do the background checks not exist presently? The gun grubber peoples are acting as they do not exist…as a thing new. I am is legal resident alien. I purchase some guns. This is legal…with the check of the background. I like the term min vän Rick Olson describes. Kool-Aid Slurpers. Jag think you a Kool Aid Slurpers Keep up the drinking of the Kool-Aid!

      • Rick_GraniteGrok

        min vän = “my friend” Timmuh…Timmuh and the Kool-Aid Slurpers act as though background checks are non-existent…love that….just love that.

  • We also have background checks at gun shows, which denies the lie of the “gun show loophole”.
    The scum who murdered children at Sandy Hook Elementary School (I know his name – no reason to use it) was DENIED a gun purchase due to a background check.
    He still broke 42 different laws to conduct his heinous murder spree.
    We have more than 20,000 gun laws in the USA and NOT ONE OF THEM ever stopped a violent criminal.

    • Don

      I’m on your side but he wasn’t denied. He found out there was a three day waiting period and declined because it would take less time to steal the guns.

  • Rick_GraniteGrok

    Democrats running on Background Checks? God does answer prayer 🙂

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  • Ken Harding

    My response to anti-gunners or those who dislike the state motto and the ethic it implies remains the same. Just take the nearest on ramp to 93 or 95 south and drive until you see the “Welcome to Massachusetts” sign. Progressive Disneyland is less than a tank of gas away and it will save a lot of effort.

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