GrokTALK! May 18th, 2013 - Granite Grok

GrokTALK! May 18th, 2013

grok pay pal donate button300 x 300This week on Grok Talk we are joined by Dr. Julianne Cooper who returns to discuss ADHD, the real ADHD, and the affects of these and other coding of children in public schools.

The Honorable Jenn Coffey talks about stand your ground, what it really means in New Hampshire, what you need to know about knife rights and some other topics as well.

And Ann Marie Banfield from Cornerstone Policy Research talks about Education and Common Core, what it is really all about, and what we need to know to stop it and why.

And we’ve got Skip Murphy, Mike Rogers, Rick Olson, and Steve Mac Donald on tap all program long, interjecting on the IRS scandal, “how about that tyranny we’ve been warming you all about,” North Koreans Fishing with ICBM’s, the definition of Shaheening, the mystery of Obama’s ‘Permission Structures,’ why moral behavior should drive social behavior and not the other way around, Mark Sanford’s Congressional Adventure, and more.

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