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The Interviews – Week Ending 4-7-2018

Another week’s worth of content compiled into one handy podcast. We start with a rewind episode with Dr. Matt Briggs about Trump’s polling before the election and end with a warning about dealing with the left. Never give up, never surrender, and never ever beg. Follow this Program on our podcast feed

The Interviews Week Ending 3-24-2017

Another week another week’s worth of interviews on topics from trade and tariffs to Female Genital mutilation legislation, to Gun laws, local government hijinks and public school tyranny. View the original blog post of this podcast for more ways to listen.

The Interviews – Week Ending 3-17-2018

This week our guests include CNHT chairman Ed Naile, Daren Bakst from the Heritage Institute, Pro-Life activist Ellen Kolb, and Kimberly Morin. On topics from the Second Amendment, liberal malfeasance, water rights, free speech, and compelled speech. Visit the original blog post for more ways to listen.  

Flashback – GrokTALK! Jan 4th, 2014

Rick Olson, Greg Moore (AFP), Betsy McCaughey, and Alexandria Lainez join Skip, Mike, and Steve us from January 4th, 2014, for a GrokTALK! Podcast Flashback.

Fighting Class Action Lawsuit Abuse

Lawrence Schonbrun joins me to discuss Class Action Lawsuit abuse in the form of massive payouts to law firms at the expense of those they claim were “injured.”