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The Paleo Party

Some say fire keep cave too warm. Some say fire make CO2-bad.  Other say need permit to start fire.
Some say fire keep cave too warm. Some say fire make CO2-bad. Other say need permit to start fire.  No fire before certain time.  Can’t burn this in fire. Make sure fire 50 feet from cave.

The thing the Democrat Party wants the most is to convince us that it is in our best interest, regardless of the interest, to let the government manage as much of our community and our lives as possible.  Cost is, of course, no object (because it is not their money).  But this is the oldest idea of government known to man and the dominate feature of centuries of thugocracies where most of the people living in them lived in fear and poverty while a small select few lived safe and well.

This is not progress.  This is not forward. But it explains the modern Democrat disdain for the US Constitution, for that document was built for the sole purpose of creating a government that was not like any other in human history.  It suggested that while we do have some common interests, that we are far better at caring for and defending ourselves and each other, locally, than any centralized monarch, oligarchy, or puppet parliament.  And they were correct.

As the Federal government continues its decades long pursuit of exactly that which the founders tried to prevent, the general populace finds itself less and less in control of its own future with our children’s future looking more bleak.  The government, through debt, spending, and regulation, is forming a center of power not much different from the monarchies of old.  The state must feed itself.  The taxman will come and take what it needs or wants (Hello Cyprus?).   Riots and domestic terrorism by the vast base of dependent public employees will use mob rule to continue to get what they feel entitled to through threats of violence (Hello Greece?).  And at the end of the day, the state will have to move in, fully armed (Hello Urban assault vehicles, massive government gun and ammo purchases), and calm things down.

Oh, look?  See how the government cares.  They’ve suppressed another violent rebellion.

One of their own creation.

That is how tyrants stay in power.  That is how socialism works.  What the modern Democrat party wants is not new.  It is not progress.  It is the near constant state of struggle and misery (in forms similar or tangential) that has plagued our world since man first walked it.  The Constitutional Republic is what is new, what is different, what is innovative and unique.  And it has created more prosperity in just a few hundred years than the rest of history combined.  It has heralded more innovation, better standards of living, and a happier, healthier people than at any point on the arc of human history.

The US Constitution is the new political technology.  It protects Freedom.  And Freedom is sexy.

So why are modern Democrats in their Paleo party so afraid of it?  Because they can’t control it.  It doesn’t answer to them.  And it most certainly does not listen to them.  And this disturbs our modern-day monarchs.  So they tell you stories.  Make up lies.  Bend the truth.  They offer you tribute in exchange for loyalty and intimidate or punish the disloyal.

That is not freedom.  That is tyranny.  And that is the goal of the modern democrat party.  The state of misery that has dominated human history.  There is nothing sexy about that.