From The Edge of Sequestration – About Those Job Cuts…

by Steve MacDonald

We’ve been warned of tainted food as the FDA furloughs workers, thinning ranks as border agents get let go, and fewer Federal prosecutors, and don’t forget about those FAA employees that have to be let go.

Did Mayans Predict Sequester?

Did Mayans Predict Sequester?

So why, in the age of sequesteria, has the Federal Government posted job opening to fill 2,596 positions in just the past ten days?

A search tonight of the USA Jobs federal employment website, filtered to positions in the United States and posted over the past 10 days, yielded 2,596 results.

So far there are 107 new jobs available at DHS, 46 jobs at Justice, 115 at the department of the interior, and the USDA needs a librarian.

And speaking of the USDA and Federal spending, did you know that the USDA is planning to buy 400,000 tons of sugar this year to drive the price up (and the price of everything we buy that has sugar in it), so that sugar producers to whom they have loaned our money do not default on those loans despite price supports and tariffs that keep sugar artificially high to begin with?  The USDA plans to sell the sugar to ethanol producers (also supported by taxpayer handouts  at a loss of about 80 million.

But we’ll have fewer border agents, Federal prosecutors, food inspectors, Air traffic controllers, and more.

Smartest president ever.



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