Ghost of Poznanski Arrest from 2009 Returns

by Steve MacDonald

Some stories have legs.  This one has at least 44 of them.  That would be both legs of former Democrat New Hampshire House Rep Brian Poznanski’s and the legs of 21 others, all busted for possession of alcohol (under age drinking), at a house party in Bedford, New Hampshire, circa Halloween 2009.

Poznanski was newly elected, and had already submitted a request for a bill that would allow under age drinkers caught drinking under age to avoid arrest if they sought “help.”  That request died with his arrest for, you guessed it, underage drinking.  That contradiction never made the local media as I recall but that should not surprise.  According to my buddy Ed Naile, there was quite a bit of reporting that did not get done regarding that same busted House party in Bedford.

Most of the students, almost all in fact, were attending St Anselm.  (Why do I suspect that if it were 22 students from Thomas More we’d have known that…from day one?)

So it was a college party, attended by underage college kids, 15 of whom were from out of state, who were supplied adult beverages by under age ‘facilitators’ (is NH Listens Listening?), at a House in Bedford New Hampshire…owned by the Bedford Town moderator, Ryk Bullock  (Bullock is listed as the ‘trustee’ of the property)

No mention of St. Anselms.  No mention of the Town moderator owning the house.  I have to wonder…are there other connections to be made here that were not reported back in 2009?

I bet there are.  Like were there a score of underage Democrat Obama supporters arrested for illegal drinking with an elected underage NH House rep?  College students supporting Obama is not a stretch is it?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but I don’t think we’ve heard the last of this.

For now, here’s the list from Ed’s post, listing names, ages at time of arrest, and where they told the police they were from.

Michael Yacono, 20, and Thomas Oliveria, 20, both of Bedford were charged with facilitating an underage drinking party in Bedford, NH along with some of the minors listed here:  Samantha Seamon, 20, of East Hampton, Conn.; Danielle Tunak, 20, of Shrewsbury, Mass.; Brock Weber, 19, of Bristol, Conn.; Ned Brady, 20, of Tiverton, R.I.; Juan Suarez, 20, of Goffstown; Anthony Ferguson, 20, of Brighton, Mass.; Adam Archidiacono, 20, of Lynnfield, Mass.; Matthew Shanahan, 19, of Westwood, Mass.; Giovanni Lorusso, 20, of Norwood, Mass.; Kelsey Dakoulas, 20, of Manchester; Helen D’Aprino, 20, of Woburn, Mass.; Amanda Horgan, 19, of Atkinson, Mass.; Michael Kaznowski, 19, of Barrington, R.I.; Michael Koulopoulos, 18, of Scituate, Mass.; Caitlin Heneghan, 20, of South Windsor, Conn.; Garret Gervais, 19, of Chelmsford, Mass.; Thomas Morgan, 20, of Greencastle, Pa.; Elizabeth Webster, 20, of Sandown; Bradley Shoemaker, 20, of Merrimack; and Brian Poznanski, 20, of Nashua.

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