Nashua New Hampshire Democrat Rep. Cindy Rosenwald – Domiciles Out Of State “Stray Cats” Who Then Vote From Her Home

by Steve MacDonald

Nashua New Hampshire Democrat Cindy Rosenwald is back in the spotlight.  If you recall, she’s the one who admitted that her party not only knew it had left an 800 million dollar hole in the budget, but they planned to cut spending to fix it.  Well, now we find out that she knew there were out of state voters voting in New Hampshire, because at least one of them has been voting from her Nashua Address since at least 2007.

Vote From Here - At Cindy Rosenwald's House

Ed Nail at NH Insider just reported on the voting history of a professional Democrat Campaign lackey by the name of Paolo Cozzi.    Mr. Cozzi lived on Clement Street in Sommerville, Massachusetts (Update- He is now currently living in DC).  But they had more than enough Democrats living in MA, so in 2007, 2008 and 2012, Paolo Cozzi hopped on the commuter rail (hey, that’s why Liberals want rail service to Nashua), or got in his Obama-mobile–(Cozzi is employed in the service of OFA)–and put his vote to better use by claiming to live at 101 Wellington Street in Nashua, New Hampshire, the home of Democrat House Rep. Cindy Rosenwald.

Cindy Rosenwald, NH House Democrat, Keeper of Stray Cats from Obama For America

Cozzi did vote from his Massachusetts “home” in 2010–remember 2010?  That was the year that a Republican actually had a slim chance to win in Massachusetts.  So OFA campaign animal Paolo Cozzi voted where it mattered more that year (in MA), but he mostly votes in the Granite State, from the home of Cindy Rosenwald at …where was that again?   101 Wellington St, Nashua, New Hampshire.

I wonder if Ms. Rosenwald has ever taken in any other “stray cats” from the liberal campaign apparatus and allowed them to claim residence in her home for “voting purposes.”

I’ll guess we’ll have to keep looking into that.

So!  Given these developments what do you think Ms. Rosenwald’s position and voting history could be on domicile and voter ID in New Hampshire?

Thanks to our good friends at Granite State Progress (yes I cached the page) we know exactly how she voted.  She voted to make sure that her domicile-mate of electoral convenience Paolo, could continue to live in Sommerville,  Massachusetts (or anywhere else), and still vote in Nashua, New Hampshire–whenever the urge struck him, without fear of in-state interference.

Voting Rights

  • Rep. Rosenwald voted against requiring every registered voter to sign an affidavit and be photographed before being allowed to cast a ballot if they do not present a photo ID. This legislation was anticipated to discourage voter participation and create long lines at polling locations. *ALEC Model Legislation* (SB289, Roll Call #244, 5/15/2012)
  • Rep. Rosenwald voted against placing potentially unconstitutional and certainly unfair restrictive prohibitions on the voting rights of individuals who serve in the military or pursue college course work, whether full or part-time. This bill also would not have allowed elected officials to move from their present domicile to another, even when that domicile is in the same district. (HB176, Roll Call #73, 3/15/2011)
  • Rep. Rosenwald voted against making it more difficult for college students, military personnel and visiting professionals to participate in the democratic process by limiting their access to the voting booth. *ALEC Model Legislation* (HB1354, Roll Call #80, 2/8/2012)
  • Rep. Rosenwald voted against allowing a person to arbitrarily challenge a voter at the polls without reason. Previously, an accusation had to be accompanied by a signed affadavit (sic) attesting to the reason for the challenge. Election law experts testified against this bill, citing potential increases in challenges based on racial profiling or political gamesmanship; they also anticipated longer lines and wait times at polling locations as challenges are freely thrown around. (HB1301, Roll Call #99, 2/22/2012)
  • Rep. Rosenwald voted Not Voting/Excused eliminating open primaries, which are a key part of the first in the nation primary. An open primary allows undeclared voters to participate in either the Republican or Democratic Primary as they see fit. (HB1595, Roll Call #139, 3/8/2012)
  • Rep. Rosenwald voted against limiting voting rights to those with particular forms of photo ID. For example, a person could use a Massachusetts or Maine driver’s license as a valid photo ID to vote, but not a municipal photo ID issued by Raymond or Londonderry. The requirement would cause confusion and frustration at the polls and is bound to result in preventing some voters from casting their vote on Election Day. *ALEC Model Legislation* (SB129, Roll Call #214, 6/1/2011)
  • Rep. Rosenwald voted against placing language on voter registration forms that would intimidate students and other from voting in New Hampshire. *ALEC Model Legislation* (SB318, Roll Call #286, 6/6/2012)
  • Rep. Rosenwald voted against requiring voters to show specific forms of photo ID when voting, a requirement that will disenfranchise voters who cannot meet those requirements (such as the elderly and disabled). This bill did not provide for any voter education of the new provisions, which could lead to people being turned away from the polls when they go to vote. (HB1354, Roll Call #306, 6/27/2012)
  • Rep. Rosenwald voted against overriding Gov. Lynch’s veto of a bill requiring registered voters produce photo ID before being allowed to cast a ballot. Voting rights advocates were opposed to this legislation. *ALEC Model Legislation* (SB289, Roll Call #307, 6/27/2012)

All very interesting.

So now we have to wonder…will Ms. Rosenwald take to the Internet to explain this to us?  What crazy story will she concoct?  Should we expect another “myth” post explaining away her complicity?  And will any of those “excuses” bring up questions that create new problems for the Democrat House Rep from Nashua?

We patiently await a response.



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  • Ed Naile


    Credit goes to our small army of NH resident voter volunteers who ferret out voter fraud suspects with the grass-roots knowledge they have from actually living here in NH.

    Anyone can help by simply contacting CNHT with any suspicion or evidence of voter fraud.

  • Tim from Nashua

    I await that fine Fishwrap of Record, The Telegraph, to be trumpeting this news on the front page…..(sigh)…..(eyeroll)

    • C. dog e. doG

      I feel sorry for you Tim, living so close to the border and such.
      – C. dog

  • Ed Naile

    The political guy at the Nasua paper never sees voter fraud.
    And CNHT doesn’t talk to NH MSM.
    So how would he ever get anything to write about???
    Guess where you should look…
    Come on now.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Ed –
      Is it coincidence that so many fish wrapper companies are so close to the Merrimack River?
      – C. dog just musing away media matters

    • Tim from Nashua

      NH Insider? Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

      • Ed Naile

        And Grok!
        Its like a tag team pro wraslin event

  • dschoneman

    Cindy, I was a republican candidate for State Rep in 2012 and ran against you, and lost. I am also one of your constituents. Are these allegations true? Do you really support voter fraud? Do you feel you and other dems need to employ fraud to win? In other words, do you believe the will of the people is really to have conservative, fiscally responsible reps in Concord and the only way you can win is to cheat? Please explain yourself.

    • Ed Naile

      Excelent series of questions.
      How much help did Paolo Cozzi give a NH State Rep. candidate from his Ma. home and Organizing for America position?
      Is letting a non-resident perpetual college student and professional campaign animal who has three, count them, three locations from which to vote not a low life thing to do, or does she beleive in winning at any cost or by breaking any law?
      Cozzi helps Obama and liberal Democrats in NH at the same time NH in 2007 an 2008, then goes back to Somerville in 2010 for the Scott Brown race to vote, then back to NH in 2012 to vote and help Obama here.
      So whay do liberal Democrats in NH oppose photo Id, open election documents, any transparency involving elections in any manner?
      Do they beleive they can win without cheating?

  • Sam Adams

    Looks like Cozzi broke Federal and State laws, FRAUD, and a few more. May Rosenwald be dragged into this fraud? State Attorney..

    • Ed Naile

      NH’s AG Office is so untrustworthy it is laughable.
      The are chasing Charlie Bass around for “push polling” becasue they have an email fro some staffer they may make a case out of. Sad. A “ham sandwich” case like with Chuck McGee.
      No, this will have to be led to a national news source for justice.
      Or do the right thing and get rid of the crooked primary.

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