For a meager mess of porridge; so what DOES the Republican Party stand for now?

From RedState Twitter Feed:

RSBooBooKitty: Blank Check Barry and his Blue Journalism Gang just knocked over the Hapless Hill Savings Bank of Other People’s Money. #RSRH

Such a Happy New Year start – Senate Republicans caved into Obama’s Progressive Punish the Successful campaign.  $620 Billion more in taxes.  Only $15 Billion in reduced spending.  A ratio of $41 in new taxes to $1 in spending cuts.  Welcome to Obama’s definition of “balanced” deficits.   Obama poured coals on their head during his press conference, utterly belittling them and what they stand for:  “Keep in mind that just last month Republicans in Congress said they would never agree to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans.”…“Obviously the agreement that’s currently being discussed would raise those rates and raise them permanently.”

#GROVEL.  Trading a mainstay of Republicanism, a pillar of Republican philosophy – lower taxes, limited government.  They voted for neither.  Again.  Again, they didn’t even read the 157 page bill.

Their plaint?  “We did the best we could with a bad hand” and of course, .  And that included US Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH).  The US Marines have a motto: “Leave no one behind” – their threshold is a single person; how many must it be before that Principle kicks in for Republicans?  Even at the risk of their own lives.  The Republicans left people behind – those that Obama hates the most – the most successful amongst us.  The Left says “They don’t need it” (when they really mean “You stole it – we, the Government are stealing it back and are justified in doing it”).  The Senate Republicans are now compliant in this except for those that stood on principle against the ill named “American Taxpayer Relief Act” (H.R. 8):  Grassley R-IA, Lee R-UT, Paul R-KY, Rubio R-FL, and Shelby R-AL.  Oh yeah, two Democrats:  Bennett D-CO, Carper D-DE, and Harkin D-IA.

Daily Caller:

A White House source told Fox News’s Ed Henry overnight that “Obama broke [the Republicans’] tax pledge,” making the Joe Biden-negotiated deal “[one] of the most consequential policy achievements of the last couple decades.”   A “senior official” told BuzzFeed Monday that the deal was “a sea change,” which shows that Republicans will bend to demands for higher taxes in the future.   “It will inevitably make it easier to get [Republicans] on board whenever we ask for new revenues,” the official told BuzzFeed, “because they’ve already crossed that threshold.”

And Obama has already said that any further deficit talks will require MORE tax increases.

And how will we, “the base” trust the lot of them – they have not kept their word.  It is NOT that they protected “the 99%” – they simply did Obama’s dirty work for him.  It was never about the 99% – only the 1% and the will of Obama to force Republicans to break their word and to break their bond.  In one stroke, the operative question si “and we can trust them….how?”  How can that 1% trust Republicans?  How can those 5 Republican Senators trust the others?  How can the US House Republicans trust the US Senate Republicans?

And how will we, “the base” trust them?  Here in NH, both Senators Shaheen and Ayotte voted for this 41 to 1 ratio.  It will not be used for deficit reduction – only more government spending.  I’m quite sure that Bass in the House will vote for it – and I’m willing to lay odds that Guinta will vote to enlarge the Fed spending as well – they both voted for the First and the Second Continuing Resolutions that continued spending.  And voted to uplift the debt ceiling by over $2 Trillion more – what’s another $620 Billion when contemplating a possible $20 Trillion by the end of Obama’s term?

And Guinta thinks he’s gonna run for US Senate on that record?  And if he votes for this “porridge that’s good for common good”?

US Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel (aka “Charlie Brown):

“As I said, this shouldn’t be the model for how to do things around here. But I think we can say we’ve done some good for the country. We’ve taken care of the revenue side of this debate. Now it’s time to get serious about reducing Washington’s out-of-control spending. That’s a debate the American people want. It’s the debate we’ll have next. And it’s a debate Republicans are ready for.”

Really?  Once again, the Democrats have pulled that football away – the revenue side has not been taken care of, as it is Obama’s mission to normalize revenues at his desired spending levels – this is just one step on his path.  Obama has broken the back of the institutionalized Republicans (and they haven’t realized the crossing of the Rubicon yet again).  They let Obama choose the battlefield, set the terms and conditions for that battlefield, and the timing for the battle.  Hapless.

There will be not “out-of-control spending” debate or action in the US Senate or the US House as the second part of this process – the “redoing” of the sequestration.  Oh, no doubt, the military will continue to see cuts – but the Democrats treasured entitlements?  Not a chance, even as we see the Blue Social model failing.  Add to that, the debt ceiling limit has been all but breached.  Just as with their sense of Collectivism (as in “you WILL be joining us, whether you like it or not), they will do their darndest to ensure that all will go down with their fiscal ship.

Political Cowards – all.  All I hear is “politics is the art of compromise” – the only compromise I see here is the continuing slide to a totalitarian style Gomorrah.  Happy New Year?  For Obama and his pack of Progressives, you bet.

Update from Instapundit:

I notice that it’s $400K for individuals, but only $450K for married couples. That’s a $350K difference in threshold if you’re living together but not married. Is Obama anti-marriage?

One more checkmark for the March to Progressivism – who needs a legally committed set parents when you have Government?

Update II from Erick at RedState:

The only way to even think of winning is to not play this game.

 House Republicans should reject this deal, go over the cliff, and then from any vantage point they will not be voting to raise taxes. They can shift the argument from tax increases and decreases to tax reform.

 They should go over the cliff.

The Founding Fathers -they had the courage to keep their honor and beliefs in the face of overwhelming odds.  They gave up their fortunes, and some, their lives.  And Republicans are afraid of being called weenie names by the likes of Obama, Biden, Polosi, and Schumer?  The would put the future of the country ahead of their comfy and well paid political careers?

I have actively involved myself in re-doing the Republican Party to where it actually stands for something more than lip service to its once defended Principles.  Perhaps it is time to make this a real banner for a political party:

by Skip

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