Liberal Policies and Culture Increased Newtown Death Toll

by Don

What horrible events occurred today! The parents and Newtown Connecticut community must be wondering if they can endure the pain. Obviously our hearts go out to the families and community.

Already leftists are crying for more gun control. A rational person would look at the number of murders in Washington, DC or New York City or Chicago with their strict anti-gun laws and wonder why anyone thinks more gun control would have helped. It is amazing that almost all mass murders happen in “gun free zones”. Apparently murders don’t care about breaking into the gun free zones, who could have imagined that?

There are two nearly universal laws regarding guns. First, when danger strikes and seconds count, the police are minutes away. Second, criminals will always be able to get guns. The only real question is whether innocent people might be armed and able to defend themselves? Studies show that when the answer is no, there will be more crime and more deaths, and when the answer is yes, there is less crime and fewer deaths.

What would have helped in Newtown today would be if each administrator and teacher was trained, packing a gun and prepared to blast this killer as soon as he began to attack people. (I wonder how many parents of that school are comforted that the school is a gun free zone. I wonder if anyone is questioning the usefulness of that policy.)

People are sure to say that most killers are “unbalanced” (so they can blame the gun rather than the killer himself or someone else for the killer’s actions), but not everyone who is “unbalanced” becomes a killer or even a criminal. Despite any claims to the contrary, today’s culture influences people to be less, rather than more, respectful of life and of other individuals. Our culture helps push “unbalanced” people over the edge to do terrible things. And our leaders make achieving the murder’s goals easier by creating “gun free” zones like schools and by flooding the airways with information about killers and making them famous.

Today we live in a culture created by liberals. Every child has liberal ideas drilled into him or her from birth via the media and for more than a decade in school. It is a culture in which there is no personal responsibility, where you are not allowed to judge the actions of others, where achievement is not rewarded because everyone gets a trophy anyway, where misbehavior is often applauded (think of the media’s handling of the “Occupy Movement”), and good behavior condemned (think of media treatment of the TEA Party), where every bad action or result is always someone else’s fault, where illegal behavior is often excused (drugs, illegal aliens, juvenile crime, short jail terms, etc.), where our media and leaders often condemn the authorities who act in difficult situations not the people who initiated the situations, where our movies are full of killing, irresponsible and disrespectful behavior, where some of our most famous people stand up for murders and try to get them released, where religions (except Islam which actually promotes killing!) are ridiculed and condemned, where religious principles such as the Ten Commandments are banned, where the people who say it it wrong to kill 1.5 million babies every year are called judgmental, intolerant, hostile, biased, and anti-woman, and where we have a President who thinks it is OK to deny care to an unwanted baby that survives an abortion attempt and let it struggle until it dies.

Today’s unimaginably horrible actions are the result of today’s corrupt liberal culture. If we want to avoid the repeat of mass killings and to eliminate much of the crime that our culture also encourages, we must change the culture to one which glorifies a different set of values.

Except for segregation and its related injustices, our country needs to return to the values of the 1950s where people are personally responsible for their own success or failure, where people did right because it is right, where life is cherished, where authorities are (and deserve to be) respected, where bad behavior is condemned, and where criminals are punished and considered pariahs. Where the family is the key building block in society and where parents are expected to bring, and responsible for bringing, their children up to be law abiding, hard-working, patriotic, and respectful of others. Where politicians tell the truth, follow and enforce the laws, and fulfill their oath of office. Where we all agree that the Ten Commandments are good things to be honored and obeyed, not hidden.

There will always be evil people, tempt-able people, and basically good people caught in difficult circumstances. How these people act will be influenced by our culture, what it expects of people, what behavior it promotes and tolerates, and how its role models act. Today’s culture which is promoted in our schools and our media and which is exemplified by so many role models not only often excuses, but often glorifies, bad behavior, and promotes disrespect for others including for other life. Unless we change our culture to respect others and to cherish life, there will be more crime, more loss of life in more ways, and more sad days like today.

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    What about conservative policies? There are fewer mental hospitals across the country thanks to tea-party “cost-cutters.” All of these shooters are CRAZY. We used to remove folks like that from society, now we “mainstream them.” The mainstreaming piece is certainly NOT a conservative policy but gutting mental health funding surely is. If we are going to solve this problem we need to get serious about diagnosing, treating and isolating individuals like this and making sure guns(or knives, plastic explosives, gasoline, etc) do not come into their hands. And more education and training for potential gun owners wouldn’t hurt. As a hunter, I got such training as part of hunter safety. Military and law enforcement personnel get training also. But the investment banker who’s only gun experience is when he purchased his glock 9mm at the local gun shop because he hopes one day to be able to play out his favorite Charles Bronson movie scene – HE doesn’t have to have training.

    • Don

      This is amusing. The mental hospital closures began, as I recall, in the 1970s … the TEA Party came into existence 4-5 years ago so we could not have ANY influence on these hospital shutdowns. Nor have conservatives ever had enough political power to make anything happed in any of the states where I lived or was aware of. Most of these hospitals were shut down because of liberal policies, liberal judges, and unions who wanted children integrated into the schools and work for social workers. Mainstreaming these people probaby has increased costs, something that conservatives would oppose. However, conservatives would also oppose the operation of some of these hospitals which were hell holes, that sometimes used inhuman and experimental treatments on people who could not object, and that occasionally locked up people who posed no threat to themselves or society.
      Society always classifies the people who commit these horrible acts as “crazy” after the fact. But, there is little evidence that anyone ever wanted to confine them to a mental hospital beforehand. Who gets to decide who is locked up before they harm themselves or others? I wouldn’t trust you to make this decision and you wouldn’t trust me. Without locking people up, how do you keep them from getting a kitchen knife? Materials to make an explosive? Gasoline? Even a gun?
      Calling these shooters, “crazy” allows us to avoid blaming the shooter himself and to avoid the crticism of our liberal culture that influences too many to think that they can get what they want by hurting or killing people.
      Of course you are a responsible gun owner, everyone thinks that they are a responsible gun owner. If we forced all investment bankers to get gun training before purtchasing a gun, would that have prevented Frdiay’s shootings or any mass murders? Don’t be silly. Training or lack of it has nothing to do with whether someone becomes a mass murderer.
      Our culture is the biggest part of the problem, our culture encourages rather than discourages misbehavior at every level. .

  • Ace

    We can have a civil society and not have to all buy into “Christian” values, I disagree that we must all agree the Ten Commandments are good things to be honored and obeyed. Religion should be personal, not integrated into government.

    • Don

      I absolutely agree that Religion should not be integrated into government, I don’t know anyone who advocates this in the US. But not integrating does not mean total seperation. You are aware that Congress begins with a prayer? That the Capital building was used for church services for about its first 100 years? The founders obviously did not intend to ban religion from government.

      You have identified the situation that our society exists in today, where the Ten Commandments are not honored or obeyed, how is that working out? What have we substituted for God that leads people to be more moral and respectful of others? Government sure isn’t working out well no matter how much of our money and how many of our liberties we surrender to it. (Yes, I know that Christian religions have killed lots of people, mostly before the 18th century. Communism in just the last century killed 100 million people…and continues to oppress and kill them today. But, the biggest threat to life and freedom is an al powerful government which sometimes uses religion as an excuse for carrying out the policies that it wants.)

      If you wish to drop the first few of the Ten Commandments relating to God, which of the following do you think need not be followed … if you want a peaceful, free society?

      – Honor thy father and thy mother.
      – Thou shall not kill/murder.
      – Thou shall not commit adultery.
      – Thou shall not steal.
      – Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor
      – Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s wife (or anything that belongs to your neighbor).

  • Lets see if we can get back on topic. After all, My colleague’s post isn’t about Christian values or conservative policies or the comments of the most-favored finger pointers who serially comment here. All of that is sliced and diced all day long and into the millennium…One certainty is that we are a society devoid of a moral compass…successfully misdirecting our actions…i.e. blaming an inanimate object for tragedy, chaos and mayhem (the gun) and following a rationale that is “reductio ad absurdum” i.e. somehow some way more restrictive gun laws would have prevented this. What would have prevented this is more responsible people seeing a nutcase and reporting it, not dismissing it as somebody else’s problem. All this talk about cuts in mental health funding is a crock. The laws, measure and protocols are in place to remove dangerous people from society and few people follow that law. Laws that were advocated and put forth by liberals.


      For a society that prides itself on democracy and civil debate, there
      sure are a lot of issues we seem unable or unwilling to discuss civilly. I
      wish we could have a reasoned discussion about this issue without having to
      resort to the polemics from fools.

      Guns are THE classic example. On one hand we have politcally correct non-thinkers who will lap up any sexy internet meme or vapid quasi-intellectual dribble. On the other are flag-waving NRA zealots and demagogues who thump their chests and shout ‘rights, rights rights’ -but never ‘responsibilties’- as a response to ANY challenge.

      As a gun enthusiast I know I am not in the minority regarding my
      alienation from both extremes but we are drowned out by the noise from the
      margins. I do find some solace from hearing those more subdued voices of reason
      and they luckily appear to be more common than I think – just not on here.

      • Certainly your comment (apparently directed to me personally) certainly assumes a great deal….much of which isn’t terrible clear.
        lets try this again at the risk of garnering another response that merely nibbles around the intellectual edges….
        1) A whole bunch of people (teachers and children) were slaughtered…killed…murdered….
        2) Amoral, humanist utopian values devoid of any moral compass have caused society to spiral down where people merely pretend to care about others, but dont.
        3) Guns don’t much matter in the context of crazy people. What kind of press would this get if this guy mowed down all these kids with a Nissan Pathfinder? probably, not nearly as much.
        4) A moral compass is what society needs. Hiding behind atheism or anti-religion still does not speak to standards of right and wrong required for that synergy.

        Thats pretty disappointing seeing that post. I had actually thought you were more intelligent than to resort to such manner of posting.

        • IWKAGGP

          Gee Rick . . . I thought that last post was brilliant! And no, it wasn’t aimed directly at you. It was a general comment about how fed up I am with the current state of our culture. We’re constantly given TWO very simple – very radical solutions to every problem when in reality any truly difficult problem is never that easy to solve. We’re forced into either-or choices which ignore the majority of folks who are truly in the middle and not particularly enamored of either right-wing or left-wing ideology. I mean, shit – almost every single media outlet from the most powerful corporate conglomerate to the lowliest blog has a political, ideological agenda. Heck I agree with you that our culture sucks. It sucks because of a lot of things. It sucks because of violent video games, hollywood’s obsession with violent movies, broken homes, irresponsible or absent parents, selfishness, greed, sloth, envy, jealousy, polution, porn, obesity . . . there’s no shortage of things that are wrong with our culture these days. We are like Rome. We used to hold the highest ideals and the most redeeming qualities in the highest regard. We don’t anymore in many cases. We used to value quality and socially/morally redeeming values in art, entertainment, etc. We don’t anymore in many cases. But I guess where you and I part ways is on the religion thing. Religion has caused more death and sorrow in the history of man than just about anything else I can think of. Sure, it’s done a heckuva lot of good too. But I know too many religious folks who are complete assholes and too many non-religious folks who are kind, decent people to believe that religion by itself is the only thing we need to get our house in order.

          BTW . . . you’ll notice that although I’m trying like hell to continue this dialogue with you . . . I’m not resorting to calling you “stupid” like you did with me.

          • Don

            Nothing in human history has killed more people (more than 100 million) than the attempt to impose communism on people. But in many cases I suspect that Communism, National Socialism, Religion, etc., are all just the rationals used by powerhungry people to solidify their power over the lives of others…the reality is that the leader(s) just want power and the “ism” or religion or whatever are just tools, the propaganda, they use to help them achieve and maintain that power. .

          • IWKAGGP


          • called you stupid? ummmm….nope….didnt do it….

          • IWKAGGP

            I quote: “I had actually thought you were more intelligent than to resort to such manner of posting.”

      • Don

        The culture that I grew up in taught that with rights come responsiblities. Today’s culture just teaches that people have rights. This attitude permeates every aspect of society and is promoted by today’s dominant and liberal culture. This culture leads to most of the problems that our society has today … and we can expect more problems until we change the culture to couple responsiblities with rights.

  • Sibelius

    The big question for me has always been what need is served by having military style assault weapons available for purchase. Yeah the second amendment blah blah blah written during a time of muskets protects their rights, but WHY do you need a Bushmaster?? Is there something so barbaric and aggressive inside of you that you need to kill as many ducks/geese as you can in one strafe? Or do you need to be prepared for that inevitable day when the government comes to steal whatever you imagine in your paranoid mind you believe they want? If that we’re true do you think a few semi automatic weapons would do the trick against a tank?? And even if that never happens you’re still willing to accept the gratuitous slaughter innocents time after time to jibe with a skewed perception of reality?

    I’ve heard the connection made between ‘God’ not being allowed in schools and this recent event. Well, if your ‘god’ can’t or won’t protect 6 and 7 year olds in thier own school from a deranged gunman just because there’s no prayer allowed there, them I want nothing to do with your ‘god’; in fact I’d say your ‘god’ is actually the devil.

    There will always be deranged individuals but having these weapons available AT ALL is a sign of how sick we are as a culture. It’s almost like we’re asking for this to happen. Maybe attitudes will change now, or it’ll have to happen to you first. Preferably at your next pro-gun rally.

    • granitegrok

      Just because you own an AR does not mean one is barbaric at all. Two semi-auto rifles chambered in the same caliber still shoot one bullet at one time, even if one looks like a “hunting / sporting” rifle and one looks like an AR. In fact, many do use an AR style for hunting, so what is the big deal?

      The colonists had just over thrown a repressive government – their arms were either worse or almost equivalent to the Brits. The Constitution was not written just for that time in history but was written to constrain human nature – and its tendency to gravitate towards tyranny over others. Yes, self-defense is a Right (and a responsibility) that pre-dates the Constitution, but make no mistake: they knew that it could happen here again. No, not a conspiracy theory – merely human nature.

      BTW, creating a straw man argument of semi-autos vs a tank? Are you really believing that is a logical argument? Or that folks who do possess or like to collect guns just for the sake of collecting guns (i.e., “You don’t need that” is the argument of a Liberal that doesn’t understand either a Right or Freedom”) don’t mind little kids being killed.

      You are sicker than you accuse others of being.

      • Sibelius

        I’m sure you personally know how to use your precious weapons, and would never hurt anyone. But how can you know who could get their hands on them? Shooters mother provided ‘proper training’ to her son. He was trianed all right. Doesn’t matter how sick you think I am. This is the tipping point that will finally change the availabilty of these weapons specifically designed to kill as many as possible. Fine for war, but not for society. It must be unnerving for you to see long time NRA politicians coming out now to the correct view point (better late than never). I’m just so sorry it took a pile of 20 mangled children for this to happen. If this change of heart happend a long time ago, those kids may still be alive. I understand rights and freedom, but they come with responsiblity. So yes, YOU DON’T NEED THAT.

        • granitegrok

          Right. I have done nothing wrong, my arms are locked in a safe when not in use, yet you wish to punish me for the actions of another? I don’t think that you are Evil – but the shooter was (as well as seriously mentally ill). I do see you as someone who values the sheen of safety and security instead of getting to the root cause of the problem and are all too willing to sacrifice other peoples’ Freedom so as to make yourself “feel good” and assuage your own guilt feelings.

          As far as “NRA Politicians” coming out? I hardly believe the Harry Reid fits that bill as he has certainly played the NRA game well – say the “right things” to keep his NRA score but acts in other ways to undercut individual freedom and liberty. Good example, he is for you (not!) as he refuses to follow the Law and pass a budget.

          And don’t bother to try to “guilt” other gun owners as if we are responsible for Newtown – we’re not. The Shooter is directly responsible. Secondarily, if you want to blame anyone, blame the ACLU and others for rightly pointing out the severe abuses in mental hospitals but wrong in just getting them all out. And to boot, making it almost impossible to commit someone like Lanza for either treatment or removal from society BEFORE he actually does harm to society at large – including “20 mangled children”. THAT is your root cause that can actually be worked on. Pure Evil, I’m afraid, is an insolvable problem.

          Remember, “YOU DON’T NEED THAT” is the mark of the Nanny State which leads to totalitarianism when the slippery slope is greased with what Liberals think are “good intentions”.

    • the great kazoo

      Sounds like you have it all figured out. Now all that’s left is for you to go into every gun owners house and take thier guns away. I suggest bringing an oven mitt – some of them might be a little warm.
      But honestly, you know you don’t have the guts to try, and, more that half the people you think will do it on your behalf (including the guys in the tanks) are actually the ones you seek to disarm. So, I wouldn’t count on them to help if I were you.
      That leaves the other less than half. How many of them would you sacrifice for your halfbaked idea? The reason most liberal ideas like yours fail is because someone else has to do the hard part. But feel free to keep flapping your lips – we won’t let anyone shut you up. That would be illegal too.

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