GrokTV – Panel Discussion: Making your vote count – The Panelists

As stated in the last post, four panelists spoke as Diane Bitter, Rye Republican Chair moderated.  Again, the panelists:

  • Jack Thorsen (Portmouth City Coucilor andNH GOP  area vice-chair) – The 11/6/12 General Election – results of the voting process and how the counting is handled
  • NH State Rep. Regina Birdsell – Voting Laws, who is eligible to vote. Voter ID Law, etc.
  • former NH State Rep. Will Smith – Explanation of the process to run for office
  • Skip Murphy (ordinary schlub) – How can we be more involved in the election process and make our vote meaningful?

Here are their talks in order of speaking:


Jack Thorsen                                                                   Regina Birdsell


Will Smith                                                                           Skip Murphy

by Skip

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