GrokTV – Panel Discussion: Making your vote count – Q&A Part 1

I have chopped up the videos of the Question and Answer period into different posts (as there were a number of topics on which there were questions).  Please note that sometimes the video title “might” not be quite accurate in that often, as these things go, the discussion of the original question quickly morphs to other tangents.  But hey, it’s better that way when you are the panelist / audience member than the video editor!):

  • Quick Riff: Will other Democrats be allowed to use the Obama DB (example: former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe running for VA Guv)
  • Low information voters and Same Day registrations
  • Don’t wait for NH Govt to catch Voter Fraud – go “James O’Keefe” and use Right To Know requests to embarrass them to do so.
  • Same Day registrations in Rye


Use of Obama DB                                         Low Info Voters / Same Day Registrations

The other videos and previous videos from the day after the jump:


Don’t wait for Govt;                                                              Same Day Rye Registrations

 Take responsibility & embarrass them yourself!

Previous Videos:

  • Introductions – Panel Discussion: the election process in NH – making your vote count
  • Panelists– Panel Discussion: the election process in NH – making your vote count (Jack Thorsen, Regina Birdsell, Will Smith, Skip Murphy)


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